The epic waves of Fetva’s combustible ‘We Are Floating’ reacts with the oxygen of the katharsis label compilation’s The Breath of Air theme

, 26 June 2020

The Breath of Air LP is out via Copenhagen’s katharsis on July 2, with a preview of Fetva‘s ‘We Are Floating’ track premiering on AQNB today. The record is the third in a trilogy of compilations from the new label founded by Danish producer jjjacob, each with their own element, including The Burn of Fire and The Flow of Water.

While the previous releases included tracks from artists like Bungalovv, Flagalova and Daniel Ness, this third LP features contributions from indigoblue, Yoshitaka Hikawa and others. Fetva’s track responds to the ethereal nature of the album’s theme of oxygen and vitality with epic waves of atmospherics that are interjected with quaking signal interference and the ghosts of prerecorded announcements.**

The Breath of Air compilation LP is out via Copenhagen’s katharsis on July 2, 2020.