Basura explores mysticism & underworlds in ambience that amasses a deafening intensity on the cinematic post-club of ‘Völva’

, 28 August 2020

Basura is releasing EP Mythos via Copenhagen’s katharsis on September 10, preview track ‘Völva’ premiering today on AQNB. This record expands the artist’s experimental approach to cinematic post-club music, a style they cultivated on album Body Without Organs released under main alias, jjjacob, with Sweat Taste in March 2020.

‘Völva’ is defined by its obscured and incoherent composition. Atmospheric and synthetic pads overwhelm uplifting melodies, casually arpeggiating without clear intention. The ambience, amassing a deafening intensity before ducking under longwinded MIDI-guitar. Angelic voices characterize visions of a nearby underworld rather than any hopeful tenor.**

Basura’s Mythos is out via katharsis on September 10.