Kelman Duran & Ans M contribute epic abstractions to AQNB’s even my dreams don’t go outside for their first collaboration on ‘Untitled 1’

, 7 May 2020

Kelman Duran & Ans M (aka Annie MacKinnon) contributed track ‘Untitled 1’ to AQNB’s even my dreams don’t go outside that was released on April 22, which is a download-only art and music compendium, featuring contributions from artists within our network to build morale and mutual support at this time.

Compiled and curated by Matt Dell and AQNB associate editor Jared Davis, the selection represents a snapshot of the people that have come to define AQNB’s recent past and near future, including ssaliva, Dasychira and Elvin Brandhi. Today we spotlight the aforementioned London-based producers Duran and MacKinnon, who collaborate for the first time on this noise-driven abstract industrial track that’s pulled by an epic post-dubstep gravity. It combines the so-called ‘ambient reggaeton’ of the former—developed during his days with LA’s famous Rail Up parties—with the degraded, percussive dance of the latter, most recently showcased on the TT (fka Tobago Tracks) Petrichor release.**

AQNB’s even my dreams don’t go outside art and music compendium is out now as a download only release.