Premiering the ambient melancholy of ssaliva’s ‘so long to my skull’ from AQNB’s upcoming even my dreams don’t go outside compendium

, 17 April 2020

AQNB is releasing the even my dreams don’t go outside music and art compendium as a download-only album via the website on April 22, with a preview of ssaliva‘s ‘so long to my skull’ contribution premiering today. The Belgian producer, otherwise known as François Boulanger, has been operating under the moniker for a several years now, releasing through labels like Edition Société and Slagwerk.

The sounds on the compilation span the spectrum of emotional responses to a global crisis from other artists, including the delicate melodies and warped, sad vocals of a Heith‘s ‘make me wanna stay’ to the manic rave of Rui Ho’s ‘Berserk’, among others. ssaliva’s ‘so long to my skull’, meanwhile, carries through into dreamy harp and wind simulations that breathe life into a fragile forward motion before refracting and fading into its own mirage.**

AQNB’s even my dreams don’t go outside music and art compendium is out as a download only release through the site on April 22, 2010.