M. James launches a name-change & a new series with the brooding drum beat & “intra-personal dialogue” of ‘Sidewinder’

, 21 June 2019

M. James (fka M.D. James) is self-releasing two-track EP Lust as A Form of Crisis on June 28, with preview track ‘Sidewinder’ premiering via AQNB today. The record follows last year’s 5 Year Lapse, dropped on the same label and exploring the unexpected paradoxes of self-care and healing through through a compositional tension between noise, ambient and vocal elements.

This follow-up launches the LA-based producer’s updated moniker and corresponding MJAMES series, which includes another track called ‘Gloss’ and featuring bod [包家巷] and Chris McKelway. ‘Sidewinder’, meanwhile, becomes an “intra-personal dialogue” with all these elements while moving out of the more textured atmospherics of previous material with a brooding and carnal motion that carries M. James moans, alongside femme-sounding spoken word from Sasha Mishalov.**

M. James’ Lust as A Form of Crisis two-track EP is self-released on June 28, 2019.