bod [包家巷]

BLOODZ BOI 血男孩 enlists bod [包家巷] & Tohji on the solemn pop ballad ‘across the sea my dreams are born in silence’ that provokes shared introspection

15 October 2020

BLOODZ BOI 血男孩 is releasing single ‘across the sea my dreams are born in silence’, with the music video and track premiering on AQNB today. Following respective contributions to YEAR0001’s RIFT One compilation, the Beijing-based artist and bod [包家巷] join forces with Tohji for a solemn pop ballad that defies conventional 4/4 composition.

Off-grid MIDI-Guhzeng plucks of the bod [包家巷]-produced score provoke an introspective curiosity addressed in BLOODZ BOI 血男孩’s whispery lyrics. The cautious interplay between vocals and instrumentation begins to metaphorize, unfolding into an atmosphere of Auto-Tuned cries and synthesized ambience for shared experience to find ground. The artists drift together endlessly in unknown waters as Tohji’s lyrics bubble into the ether.**

BLOODZ BOI 血男孩’s ‘across the sea my dreams are born in silence (feat Tohji) [prod bod [包家巷]]’ is released today October 15.

bod [包家巷] premieres a video for their Limpid Fear [清澈恐惧] cassette album drawing on their Chinese heritage & classical music

20 August 2018

bod [包家巷] (aka Nicholas Zhu) released their debut album Limpid Fear [清澈恐惧] on Planet Mu sub-label Knives on August 17, with the premiere of a video excerpt of “Side B” via AQNB today. The Los Angeles and Berlin-based producer has been prolific in the last few years, releasing several mixes drawing on everything from networked technologies to Romantic and modernist forms.

The album features an equal part dissonant and calming journey through Zhu’s ambient pop, string ragas and noise aesthetics informed by their Chinese heritage, and classical chorus and composition. The video, directed by J E P by J E P by J E P features Zhu in a desert space building a fence-like sculpture in the wind to the clattering beats and ambient synthesised pitches of limitation and alienation.**

bod [包家巷]’s Limpid Fear [清澈恐惧] cassette album was out on Berlin’s Knives on August 17, 2018.

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