blackwinterwells joins bod[包家巷] on the crooning Auto-Tune of ‘Red Leaves in Winter’ that challenges expectations

, 23 April 2021

bod[包家巷] is self-releasing EP Unyielding Wetware on April 23, with preview track ‘blackwinterwells – Red Leaves in Winter’ premiering today on AQNB. The record contains two of the artist’s productions, featuring the voice of the Helix Tears founder and DVDi from the GoonnCity collective.

If there’s one thing bod[包家巷] and blackwinterwells share, it’s the way they mix melancholic and abrasive genres into a style that challenges most expectations. It’s heard between songs from the latter’s now-concluded Drainpuppet project, bod[包家巷]’s 2020 album Music for Self Esteem, and now in respective appearances on AQNB’s Heavenly Creatures compendium. ‘Red Leaves in Winter’ shows the two pushing this approach further together for the first time.

The track opens with blackwinterwell’s Auto-Tuned riffs wading through swelling synth pads, accented by samples of chimes and chirps in the bod[包家巷]-produced score. It wavers unrelentingly, eventually impressing a confused perception of the lyrics and production in the end.**

Unyielding Wetware is self-released by bod[包家巷] on April 23.