Drainpuppet restarts project with a spiritual focus on the glitchy & machinic grooves of ‘Baptism’

, 21 December 2021

Drainpuppet is releasing single ‘Baptism’ on December 21, 2021, premiering via AQNB today. The record marks the return of the Canadian artist’s former project, whose nearly decade-long discography retraces the expansive composite of influences of their latest alias, blackwinterwells.

‘Baptism’ turns toward a glitchy and machinic sound— one of the many styles, such as chiptune, EDM, and synth-wave styles covered in Drainpuppet that converged into the blackwinterwells project. Vocal chops of the word ‘bapitize’ groove in lockstep with a pulsing rhythm. The composition sparsely changes, focusing on the mood created by the consistent upbeat melodies and repetitive wordplay, perhaps marking a new period of experimentation for the artist.**

Drainpuppet is releasing single ‘Baptism’ on December 21, 2021.