The unexpected paradoxes of self-care & healing in the liminal personal psyche of M.D. James’ ‘Carceral Season’

, 25 September 2018

M.D. James is releasing EP 5 Year Lapse via Los Angeles’ Astral Plane Recordings on October 5, with preview track ‘Carceral Season’ premiering via AQNB today. Recorded between LA and Maryland, the seven-track extended play is intended as a single composition to be dropped in its component parts by the DIY organiser and producer. 

The record explores “unexpected paradoxes that arise during times of self-care and healing” and features contrasting moments of brutal noise with more melodic calm and beauty achieved through the voice and additional instrumentals. ‘Carceral Season’ is one of the more introspective pieces, where wavy ambient sweeps lurch atop delicate raw drum instrumentals, along with echoes of samples that evoke a trippy tranquility.**

M.D. James’s 5 Year Lapse is out via Los Angeles’ Astral Plane Recordings on October 5, 2018.