London’s Pentu contributes a delirious digital club dreamscape to Merci Jitter’s Riddled Form compilation

, 14 March 2019

Merci Jitter are releasing the Riddled Form compilation on March 15 with a preview of Pentu’s ‘Still Waiting At The Reception’ premiering via AQNB today. The album follows a busy year for the London and Seoul-based collective producing “future-thinking club music” that included the release last May of the Merci Jitter, 2018 mixtape, a string of London events in collaboration Eastern Margins and Yeti Out, as well as radio shows on NTS and Seoul Community Radio. Riddled Form reflects the group’s interests in multiculturalism along with the fraught globalisation of lives lived via digital platforms, featuring producers Daniel NessKim KateYtem, HNRO, Sonia Calico among others, as well as artwork by London-based French installation artist, Sophie Roqueta (aka Coeur Fleur).

Pentu is the alias of London-based producer Chris Jordan, and the artist’s track ‘Still Waiting at the Reception’ closes out the compilation with an immersive near seven-minute montage that feels like slipping into a delirious state of digital fatigue. Electronic feedback, hums and the incidental ambient noise of public spaces slip into lush synthetic washes of movie soundtrack synth pads. The large spaces give way to more intimate arpeggios and energetic synth stabs that bring to mind the digital baroque quasi-nightmares of Oneohtrix Point Never’s recent releases.**

The Riddled Form compilation is out via Merci Jitter on March 15, 2019.