Kelvin T reaches out to a singularity of sound by letting his instruments speak for themselves in ‘Objects Talking’

, 31 October 2018

Kelvin T (aka Tang Fong Ching Kelvin) releases his Unlock Voice album via Hong Kong’s Absurd TRAX on November 9, with a preview of ‘Objects Talking’ premiering via AQNB today. This is the debut full-length by the Hong Kong-based producer, who released an EP of convulsing dread on Sedative earlier this year.

Where the first EP had the teen producer searching for his own sound, Unlock Voice aims to give agency to the instruments he uses to produce it. By treating each sonic element like an entity with its own consciousness, Kelvin T aims to ‘unlock’ the potential of each one, and asks, ‘Is it possible to ‘train’… a synthetic sound to possess a voice and sing on its own?’ The outcome is a series of visceral and tactile dance tracks that lean closer to a hard techno/industrial palette than before. ‘Objects Talking’, in particular, growls through serrated square waves and hard style beats that bark with self-affirming intensity.**

Kelvin T’s Unlock Voice album is out via Hong Kong’s Absurd TRAX on November 9, 2018.