Kelvin T is snoozing for a bruising with his convulsive new EP that is anything but what its Sedative title insinuates

, 5 January 2018

Hong Kong-based producer Kelvin T, aka Tang Fong Ching Kelvin, releases his Sedative EP via Absurd TRAX today, January 5, premiering with an exclusive stream on AQNB.

The prolific teen producer, who also presents a show on Hong Kong Community Radio, has already dropped seven EPs since starting in middle school (Kelvin is now 19 years old) and makes the kind of thumping, existential dread for the dance floor that its Sedative title does not imply. This EP is the opposite of calm, instead taking its lead from other equally convulsive inspirations like Fatima Al Qadiri, Sega Bodega, and SOPHIE. Minimal beats belie a particular attention to sonic textures, where a braying organ leads opening track ‘Spilled Fiji’ sideways, while ‘Sea’ journeys through particularly dark and murky depths.

Also featuring a remix by Melbourne-based producer Wa?ste — who shares another label with Kelvin via Shanghai’s Genome 6.66 Mbp — Sedative is a first release by the Hong Kong club night/ net radio/ blog series-come-label Absurd Trax. Along with Kelvin T, the collective is made up members T0C1SASJFotanlaikiAnna Chim and Tsalal a.k.a. Against Architecture, who’ll be launching the record with special guest Organ Tapes at xxx tonight.**

Kelvin T’s Sedative EP is out via Hong Kong’s Absurd TRAX on January 5, 2018.