A view from Junk Bay: Alexmalism rummages through the sonic landfill of consumerism, colonialism & deterritorialisation in TKO

, 7 December 2018

Alexmalism (aka Alex Yiu) is releasing EP TKO on Hong Kong’s Absurd Trax on December 14, with a preview of ‘Junk’ premiering on AQNB today. The Hong Kong-based composer, DJ, sound artist and producer draws on minimalism, industrial, trance, vogueing and classical music, while also releasing on the Chinabot’s recent Mental Maps compilation. 

This EP features an artwork per track by a member of the Video Cypher collective, with ct1993 contributing on ‘Junk’. Here, the black-and-white sparseness of the single cover matches the deep-and-dark echo of the music, which is inspired by Yiu’s life on the reclaimed land of  Tseung Kwan O, located at the southeastern part of Hong Kong’s New Territories and nicknamed ‘Junk Bay’. The rest of the EP is a selection of varied, though somehow cohesive tracks that start with the dance and EDM of ‘TKO’ and ‘Velodrome’ before moving quickly into hardstyle, industrial, noise and more.** 

Alexmalism’s TKO EP is out via Hong Kong’s Absurd Trax on December 14, 2018.