Siete Catorce & AMAZONDOTCOM get clean with their infectious rhythms on the collaborative Teardropz EP via NHS

, 27 July 2018

Siete Catorce & AMAZONDOTCOM are releasing their Teardropz EP via London’s Nostro Hood System (NHS) on August 3, with a preview of track ‘A Party That Fits In Your Pocket’ premiering on AQNB today. Based in Mexico City/Oakland and Los Angeles and having released on NAAFI and Astral Plane Recordings, respectively, the two producers present a uniquely crisp and stripped-back version of a club music zeitgeist.

The label is founded by London-based Australian Galtier (who also drops his own Terran EP on Infinite Machine today) and Teardropz is the seventh addition to a nascent catalogue. The bare bones nature of the music stands in opposition to a lot of heavily distorted beats and deep bass lines that dominate much of the music of a similar ilk. 

‘A Party That Fits In Your Pocket’ is emblematic of this distinction, where minimal composition and a special attention to space and silence makes it one of the more contemplative renditions of the style. Neatly textured drum resonances and delicate samples are woven together into a highly infectious and addictive rhythm.**  

Siete Catorce & AMAZONDOTCOM’s Teardropz EP is out via London’s Nostro Hood System on August 3, 2018.