Dominican artist Boundary’s updated IDM & outsider house project gets an agitated remix from AMAZONDOTCOM 

, 28 September 2018

Boundary (aka Josué Suero) released his Confirmado Por Aquellos album via Los Angeles’ Point Records on June 13, with a remix by AMAZONDOTCOM ‘Galope 034’ premiering via AQNB today. The 17-year-old Dominican artist’s applies his outsider house and acid house influences, along with lo-fi and DIY aesthetics to a cross-disciplinary approach to music-making that is also inspired by the world-building A/V experiments by the likes of Aphex Twin and Four Tet.

AMAZONDOTCOM’s involvement follows a recent collaborative EP produced with Siete Catorce, called Teardropz, where hard and minimal composition bumped up against heavily distorted beats. The Los Angeles-based producer applies a similar approach to Boundary’s ‘Galope 034’, where the meandering sine waves and groovy melodies of the original are cracked and fragmented across a more menacing soundscape with the odd break and lurching wobble bass.** 

Boundary’s Confirmado Por Aquellos album was released via Los Angeles’ Point Records on June 13, 2018.