Untreated, wet, unkept, raw: Galen Tipton explores dissatisfaction & dysphoria in the percussive frenzy of ‘Queer Flesh’

, 7 June 2018

Galen Tipton’s spellbooks O2 ::: queer flesh is being released via Los Angeles’ Post-Geography on June 12, with a preview of ‘Queer Flesh’ premiering on AQNB today. The music on the 11-track album shares some aesthetic similarities with the bubblegum pop and hi-tech noise of the London-founded PC Music label, as well as some playful post-footwork compositional elements championed by the likes of Nagoya’s Foodman and Dorset’s Iglooghost.

Where the Columbus-based producer’s work diverges though, is in the sincere and sentimental approach to something that’s also distinctly lighthearted; a record that confronts issues of what Tipton calls “intense dysphoria, daily suicidal ideation, and dissatisfaction with life” with a droll self-awareness. Lead-single ‘Queer Flesh’ tumbles through an organised mess of tangible, percussive sound objects that weave in and out of line with an adorable synth line, stumbling out through space.**     

Galen Tipton’s spellbooks O2 ::: queer flesh cassette is out via Los Angeles’ Post-Geography on June 12, 2018.