Galen Tipton

galen tipton’s ‘butterfly drinking blood’ captures a spritely & chaotic form of transcendental catharsis

18 June 2020

galen tipton is releasing EP goddexx via unseelie on July 3, with music video ‘butterfly drinking blood’ premiering on AQNB today. Under her alternative alias recovery girl, the artist released a self-titled EP earlier this year on DESKPOP that generously lays out the sonic groundwork for her upcoming record on the New York label. Hardwired club beats bounce off at hyper speeds, pacing infectious post-pop melodies and angsty vocal samples that seemingly never adhere to any fixed pattern. The musical world of galen tipton is expansive and rule-defying. This latest video contributes another sensational dimension.

Rhythmic timbres swiftly pummel as the word ‘GODDEXX’ materializes in a holographic metal font. Specks of cosmic stardust expand behind 3D renders of fairy-like characters before pools of red blood blitz and flood the view. These elements whirl around and exchange time in the foreground, simultaneously distorting the text into fuzzy saturations. In the press release, the artist included a poem that captures video’s cathartic motions:

i am the world crusher
vulnerable wound licker
hellscape nightmare drinker
poison sucker ichor bleeder

i get tingles when i hear you crack your knuckles
dry skin pussing ugly tears
hold you tight to my stiff tendons visible bones and fat sharing space in this meat stuff reality
cherishing split lips and nose blood
bleeding gums blemished skin ache scars and chipped teeth
ungraceful brain creases thoughts twisted guts and pink pulsing flesh
clumsy ungraceful amazing fall into the lap of heaven
worth in every moment not defining worth

it won’t even clean up the blood
it needs to die

galen tipton’s goddexx is out via New York’s unseelie on July 3, 2020.

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