JQ mirrors the mood of the moment with the ‘post-earth travelogue’ of detached digital living on ‘I Bite My Nails Till They Bleed’

, 14 May 2021

JQ is releasing album Truth Serum via LA’s Post-Geography on May 17, with preview track ‘I Bite My Nails Till They Bleed’ premiering on AQNB today. The London-based producer has previously dropped full-lengths on New Atlantis and Lo Recordings, with this cassette featuring an A-side of music by the artist, along with remixes from Florian T M Zeisig, Loraine James, Foodman and Sun Araw on the B-side.

Produced during a period of isolation and anxiety in the last year or so, Truth Serum is a reflective “post-earth travelogue” of sounds and experiences processed and filtered through assorted analogue and digital software, giving voice to the simulated un-reality of one type of contemporary existence. Evocative titles like ‘Other People’s Lives’ and ‘I Heard Your Voice in the Noise’ reflects on the anaesthetised detachment and emotional extremes of online living, where pools of bass-y atmospherics are disturbed by ripples of nervous, rhythmic chatter. ‘I Bite My Nails Till They Bleed’ is the most urgent of the lot, where a haptic conglomeration of sonic objects click, cut and glitch in a mire of consistent, advancing tension.**

JQ’s Truth Serum album is out via LA’s Post-Geography on May 17, 2021.