Event horizon electronic music from the Romantic era in the video heralding bod [包家巷]’s next sound piece

, 11 May 2018

bod [包家巷] (aka Nicholas Zhu) is releasing the ‘Advent of the Silicon Rain [硅雨来临]’ sound piece via Quantum Natives on May 21, with a video, ‘Excerpt #2,’ premiering on AQNB today. True to typically cerebral form, the Los Angeles and Berlin-based producer will present 15 “semi-distinguishable vignettes” exploring “the various event horizons… that humanity continually sprints across in the history of technological development… leading to outcomes on an environmental and mythic scale.”

The video features Zhu surrounded by a blue glow, seemingly singing into a microphone while being soundtracked by an ambient buzz that’s elegantly woven into a sort sound of the future Arcadia. This excerpt is part of a grander piece featuring live recordings, MIDI instrumentation, samples, bootlegs, and glitches, from an aesthetic experiment in representing “a world increasingly interlaced with the capabilities of digital sound design and network technologies.”** 

bod [包家巷]’s ‘Advent of the Silicon Rain [硅雨来临]’ piece is out via Quantum Natives on May 21, 2018.