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Premiere: The international artists of Xquisite Nihil hack the system with their new seize the means of production compilation

5 June 2017

Butt of Marxist memes the internet over, “seize the means of production” is a phrase borrowed from one of Communism’s central tenets. It prescribes the working class and socialist revolutionaries to take back ownership of infrastructure, of the systems producing goods and capital. It’s an idea borne by Xquisite Nihil’s new compilation, titled after the maxim, out via London/URL-based label Quantum Natives and premiering today, June 5, on AQNB.

Berlin-based Oxhy, who shepherds the loose online collective of effervescent artists and producers, spoke to us last year about ‘security through obscurity’ – in essence, taking control of a system by way of ambiguity. seize the means of production comes across similarly, full of enigmatic characters seizing control in their own obscure fashions, each too faint for dominant systems to take hold of. Highlights include Oxhy’s six-minute slow-jam derived from Wayne Wonder’s 2003 single “No Letting Go,” and yves tumor’s take on pop rockers Paramore’s “Pressure,” which turns the 2005 emo classic into a cursive piano ballad. Elsewhere, callous, overdriven tracks like i.Ruuu’s “lindseysHAVOCin2armsOFaLessA-” and Blue Stork’s “splitterboo 0.00x late (DIVINE DRAGON LORD TIDAL REEV)” are countered by heartwarming tones on Be-ccareful’s “HEART HEAL SOON” and the elegant orchestration of Final Heal’s “Anna’s Journal,”

See the trailer video here, and stream the compilation premiere below.


  1. infested blandtress – which pret baguette are u?
  2. Uli K – Uli K
  3. ⁂♏ – Self-Eater
  4. i.Ruuu – lindseysHAVOCin2armsOFaLessA-
  5. Society of Imaginary Friends ft. Johnny Brown – Experience Freedom
  6. violette – lady manche
  7. Intentionally Cold – LAMBETH LENGS (VCL MIX)
  8. Be-ccareful – HEART HEAL SOON
  9. Blue Stork – splitterboo 0.00x late (DIVINE DRAGON LORD TIDAL REEV)
  10. dj save the nhs – screaming song
  11. emamouse – cut a particle phones quale
  12. Final Heal – Anna’s Journal
  13. terribilis – Alucarda
  14. GANX – Attachment Therapy
  15. yikii – zoom blur
  16. suduko solver – mesong_5
  17. oxhy – no holding back
  18. Zoom Spirit On – Attack on Dutton
  19. Wisdom – Jumbo (Underworld cover)
  20. Dj Slime Soccer – Third-Party Data
  21. yves tumor – Pressure (Subcutis Version)

Xquisite Nihil’s seize the means of production compilation is out via Quantum Natives on June 5, 2017.

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