Deep forest psychedelics & Russian orthodoxy inspires Saint Petersburg producer ptpf’s visceral & gurgling ‘Sip’

, 10 January 2019

ptpf is released EP Salivation via Quantum Natives on January 2, with a music video for ‘Sip’ premiering on AQNB today. The Saint Petersburg-based producer has self-released tracks like ‘Gender Dysphoria’ and ‘Paranoia’ on their Bandcamp in the past, featuring noisy and distorted sojourns into heaving post-club soundscapes.

The tracks on Salivation are even noisier, with titles like ‘33333’ and ‘I Can’t Drown in the Bath’ busting through arrhythmic beats and bass lines that seem to collapse in on each other. For the ‘Sip’ video, ptpf realises their experience growing up in a deep province of Russia, punctured but ultimately unaffected by the Orthodox churches inhabiting it. The track and the video explores the effects it has on the mind and body with visceral, gurgling vocal manipulations accompanied by imagery taken from the psychedelic forest and its inhabitants.**

ptpf’s Salivation EP was released via Quantum Natives on January 2, 2019.