Cclcng (fka Khonnor) finds resolve on the glitched breakbeats & anxious psychoacoustics of ‘In Promise’

, 23 April 2020

Cclcng is releasing album Niagara Falls on April 27via Quantum Natives, with preview track ‘In Promise’ premiering on AQNB today. This is the first full-length project from the artist formerly known as Khonnor. This latest album arrives almost 16 years after 2004’s Handwriting, a record where lo-fi shoegaze melds into broken-down indietronica beats.

On Niagara Falls, Cclcng excavates many of these same styles and ultimately repurposes them into a more eclectic psychoacoustic pallet. ‘In Promise’ darts immediately into unnerving MIDI-synth arpeggios and a variety of digitized vocal top-lines. Auto-tuned lyrics—“I said I’m losing my mind”—glaze over glitched IDM-break-beats reminiscent of bo en’s 2013 album pale machine. The hyper rhythmic chaos ensues as the artist proclaims this statement frequently within jumbled lyrical sequences. Suddenly, the track ends rather abruptly. Perhaps, it is within these accentuated states of anxiety where Cclcng finds their own sense of resolution.**

Cclcng’s Niagara Falls is out via Quantum Natives on April 27.