Fattened, suppressed + squeezed out in AT THIS STAGE at Château Shatto, Jun 10 – Aug 12

, 7 June 2017

The AT THIS STAGE group exhibition at Los Angeles’ Château Shatto opens June 10 and is running to August 12.

The show includes work by Aria DeanChris KrausBunny Rogers, Sturtevant, Martine SymsBody by BodyGardar Eide EinarssonHamishi FarahParker Ito and Jordan Wolfson

The press release includes a question posed by manuel abreau: “how can we consider the power of these images when we’re already under their influence?” (I don’t know).” The works brought together are assembled as a way to disrupt and consider “the violent intrusion of images and the assault of narrative structures on consciousness.” 

Looking at contamination, cognitive immunity, studios films and other forms of media, the “narratives that have been fattened, suppressed, squeezed out, swelled, merged, overlaid, edited, hacked” will be addressed.

Visit Château Shatto website for details.**