Christina Gigliotti presents Knife as Outfit + The Stillness of a Departure at Polansky Gallery, May 24 – Jul 15

, 22 May 2017

The Stillness of a Departure and Knife as Outfit group exhibition will open at Prague’s Polansky Gallery on May 24 to July 15.

Both curated by Christina Gigliotti, the show features work by Mirak Jamal, Anna Ročňová and Sung Tieu, and will explore the “material and immaterial traces of arriving and departing, blurred memories, and the silence in between.”

The second is solo exhibition Knife as Outfit featuring work by Nik Timková who will transform the Parter space into a soft smoky space, presenting plush objects and new series of digital prints collaged with embroidered touches.

Christina Gigliotti is an American curator and writer based in Prague. She is currently the curator of project spaces Galerie Ferdinanda Baumanna and Parter at Polansky Gallery. She initiated the Berlin x Prague residency program (supported by the Goethe Institute in Prague and MeetFactory).

Visit the Polansky Gallery website for details.**

Mirak Jamal, my dear friends in Berlin (2016). Installation view. Courtesy Ashley, Berlin.