Christina Gigliotti

Auto Italia: Shell Corporation @ tranzitdisplay, Nov 1

31 October 2016

Auto Italia is presenting the Shell Corporation group exhibition at Prague’s tranzitdisplay on November 1.

“What are the desired conditions to produce artwork? What is enabled by working collaboratively that is greater than what we can achieve alone?”

The presentation will be led by Marianne Forrest and Edward Gillman of London-based artist collective and studio Auto Italia South East and will look at the current research informing their projects.  Christina Gigliotti and Lumír Nykl will host a discussion afterwards.

Looking at alternative models of making work, through collaborative means, in particular, the session will “encourage a collective imagining of what ‘artist-led’ groups might look like and operate as in the future.”

See the FB event page for details.**

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Anna Slama + Marek Delong @ Galerie 207, Apr 25 – May 7

25 April 2016

Anna Slama and Marek Delong will present work in show Incentive 2 at Galerie 207 in Prague’s Academy of Art, Architecture and Design from April 25 to May 7.

Incentive 2 is curated by Christina Gigliotti, who is the external curator of the space that has been running in the Intermedia department of the AAAD since 2008. The press release tells us only that the show will eject us “out of the vehicle of progress and directly into posthuman fallout”.

Otherwise we know that Slama has made work previously at the boundary between technology and the materiality of human skin, like for Taalin’s Konstanet space in 2015, while Delong, whose tumblr account is also image-led as fragments of work mirror the fragmented installations inside them, seems to evoke soft interiors and sensual surfaces with materials such as plastic tubing and blades of grass.

Both artists have presented multiple times in Prague and both seem concerned with how the exteriors of our bodies interact in contact with technology and the emotional state/s it can sometimes induce in us.

There will be an artist presentation on the afternoon of the April 26.

See the FB Event page for (limited) details.**

Anna Slama, techskin (2015), installation shot. Courtesy the artist and Konstanet.
Anna Slama, techskin (2015), installation shot. Courtesy the artist and Konstanet.
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