Premiering WA?STE’s ‘Done’ video for EP Hollow Vessel out on Shanghai’s Genome 6.66 Mbp

, 13 April 2017

WA?STE is premiering video ‘Done’ on AQNB today, following the release of his Hollow Vessel EP via Shanghai-based label Genome6.66Mbp, on March 25.

WA?STE launch event (2017). Poster art by Tavi Lee + Awe Ix. Courtesy the artists.

All tracks by the Melbourne-based producer, artist and head of Valley Spirit RecordingsFelix Idle, can be found on Genome 6.66 Mbp’s Bandcamp page, recorded and mixed himself, with album artwork by Tavi Lee and Awe IX.

The title of the project refers to “the feeling of being an observer to events in one’s own life, of acquiescing to fate” and explores being in a state that is both mundane and highly visceral. The eclectic sounds of the album are a result of both “curiosity and content fatigue stemming from long hours online.” With melancholic and sentimental vocals that float on top of aggressive samples that deconstruct trance and other hard dance genres, the original euphoric sounds are re-appropriated into a haze of lethargic instrumentals.

The video for the first track on the album ‘Done’ echoes the contrasting assortment of sound, combining processed footage taken in Taipei with Awe IX’s ‘Faukemon’ inspired by “off-brand/ bootleg Taiwanese Yuru-kyara or character mascots.” On top of the indistinguishable vocals, personal poetics like, “See wandering. Down and just ~ lol” and “You would like to know” fade in and out on top of the footage that oscillates between animation and reality. Like a lucid dream, we move slowly through exaggerated vibrancy, half in control, half not.**

WA?STE’s Hollow Vessel EP was released via Genome6.66Mbp on March 25, 2017.