Lena Henke, Lisa Holzer, + Margaret Raspé @ Galerie Emanuel Layr, Sep 8 – Nov 11

, 7 September 2016

Lena HenkeLisa Holzer, and Margaret Raspé are presenting joint exhibition Fever at Vienna’s Galerie Emanuel Layr, opening September 8 and running to November 11.

Curated by _Vienna 2016 and Kari Rittenbach, the exhibition includes new works by the three artists. The exhibition text refers to Prometheus’ “reckless gift to mankind”, one that ensured “never-ending torment, and the invention of civilization as we know it”. It also looks at the ancient Greek root of economics, ‘oikos’ — or “hearth and home”, in relation to the “concept of social reproduction as women’s work in particular (within the patriarchy of Western capitalism)”.

The text further states there are still “plenty of (weak) metaphors for tending to the home fires, an expression which is sometimes taken to mean sustained passion – or maybe: sex”.  It alludes to physical ailments and shame, being other reasons that might cause passion or “the body to burn” enough to lead to —a fever.

See the FB event page for details.**

Fever @ Galerie Emanuel Layr, Sep 8 - Nov 11