Rustan Söderling @ Cosmos Carl online now

, 13 June 2016

Online platform Cosmos Carl presents a solo project by artist, Rustan Söderling, Hidden Depths, which is now available to view.

Amsterdam-based Söderling has created a computer-animated video work (see below), viewable on the Cosmos Carl proxy Facebook page, together with an accompanying selection of downloadable 3D props, presumably there to add to the video, if not at least to imagine doing so. The props look like examples of the stuff washed up on the shores of the 1972 Sci-Fi novel, The Wild Boys by William S. Burroughs, collected by feral children after a “devastated earthly landscape”, which the press release describes.

It goes on to talk about these new scenes, “this strange new world of pink bunnies, Frisbees, instant noodles, plastic cutlery, rubber sandals, empty cigarette packages, doubt and uncertainty”, as unconscious ‘material evidence’ of the mindless who created them in a world where doubt paves the way for hidden worlds to come to the fore.

Söderling, who works primarily with print, video and design, has recently had solo exhibition, Man in the Anthropocene, which seems to have explored similar themes at Reykjavik’s Harbinger gallery and was included in Tenderpixel’s Feeling in the Eyes group show earlier this year.

See the Cosmos Carl website for more.**