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Rustan Söderling @ Cosmos Carl online now

13 June 2016

Online platform Cosmos Carl presents a solo project by artist, Rustan Söderling, Hidden Depths, which is now available to view.

Amsterdam-based Söderling has created a computer-animated video work (see below), viewable on the Cosmos Carl proxy Facebook page, together with an accompanying selection of downloadable 3D props, presumably there to add to the video, if not at least to imagine doing so. The props look like examples of the stuff washed up on the shores of the 1972 Sci-Fi novel, The Wild Boys by William S. Burroughs, collected by feral children after a “devastated earthly landscape”, which the press release describes.

It goes on to talk about these new scenes, “this strange new world of pink bunnies, Frisbees, instant noodles, plastic cutlery, rubber sandals, empty cigarette packages, doubt and uncertainty”, as unconscious ‘material evidence’ of the mindless who created them in a world where doubt paves the way for hidden worlds to come to the fore.

Söderling, who works primarily with print, video and design, has recently had solo exhibition, Man in the Anthropocene, which seems to have explored similar themes at Reykjavik’s Harbinger gallery and was included in Tenderpixel’s Feeling in the Eyes group show earlier this year.

See the Cosmos Carl website for more.**

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Perce Jerrom @ Cosmos Carl, Apr 29

28 April 2016

London-based artist, Perce Jerrom will present new work and online project, The Facebook Fake Profile Archive for Cosmos Carl launching April 29.

Jerrom will create a Facebook group where you can go and deposit or upload fake Facebook profiles, discovered or created. The “fakebook” page will be available via “a detour” through the Cosmos Carl website, which has recently hosted work by artists Luca Francesconi and Sam Smith.

The archive aims to highlight how weird it is when you get friend requests from fake profiles, amongst other things like emptiness and perhaps a space of inverse digital identity politics. It seems ‘profiles’ have become something artists have recently worked more and more with, while Jerrom has a practice that takes on (the content of) algorithms, user-generated sites and spaces, online ephemera and technology’s effect on language.

See the FB event page for more details.**

Perce Jerrom, Shoe Garden (2016), installation shot. Courtesy and the artist.
Perce Jerrom, Shoe Garden (2016). Installation shot. Courtesy and the artist.



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Aapo Nikkanen @ Cosmos Carl, Apr 15

14 April 2016

Aapo Nikkanen is presenting Images : Images (2016-2021) through online platform Cosmos Carl, launching on April 15.

The Paris-based artist’s ongoing interests in artificial intelligence and the “right to forget” in the digital age carries through to this five-year-long project, that will archive the image search results returned by the search term ‘images’ with the standard setting on Google.

In doing so, Nikkanen not only aims to generate a snapshot of the popular subconscious in an aggregated view of what constitutes a ‘beautiful image’ but also to track its evolution online through the trends identified in image searches: “In 1000 years, when one of our descendants stumbles upon the archive and understands that this is how we wanted to be remembered, I have succeeded.”

See the FB event page for details.**

Aapo Nikkanen, Aapo Museum (2013) @ P/////AKT, Amsterdam. Courtesy the artist.
Aapo Nikkanen, Aapo Museum (2013) @ P/////AKT, Amsterdam. Courtesy the artist.
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Sam Smith @ Cosmos Carl, Feb 5

3 February 2016

A new work by London-based artist Sam Smith will be available to view on online platform Cosmos Carl, from 4pm on February 5.

Since 2013 the artist has been making and gathering video performances, and other material, which until now has remained unrecorded and not presented as a body of work online. Smith has titled this upcoming presentation, NOTES.

Considering that Cosmos Carl is an online platform without a predetermined formal interface in terms of the work and presentations of work that it hosts, it will be interesting to see how NOTES exists and looks as a site –or page.

Smith is also taking part in A Night With Jupiter Woods hosted at Shanaynay in Paris on the same evening.

See the FB Event page for more details**

Sam Smith, spread from Frames of Reference. Courtesy the artist and Dimanche Press.
Sam Smith, spread from Frames of Reference. Courtesy the artist and Dimanche Press.


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Cosmos Carl ft. Saemundur Thor Helgason @ ebay, Jul 24 – Aug 3

3 August 2015

Today is the last day that the perspex vitrines produced for Saemundur Thor Helgason‘s work ‘Things to return to the store’ and hosted by Cosmos Carl will be sold on ebay.

Cosmos Carl, which calls itself a “versatile infrastructure” for the experimental usage of the internet, continues to explore the possibilities of artistic production and distribution through the internet by encouraging artists to using existing online platforms—like ebay—”as vehicles for their practice and [to] reflect upon the conditions they temporarily inhabit”.

Saemundur Thor Helgason has enacted this idea by selling perspex vitrines produced for his work ‘Things to return to the store’ on ebay at a starting price of 300 GBP.

See the FB event page for details. **

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Luca Francesconi @ Cosmos Carl now live

24 November 2014

Cosmos Carl, a new online platform based in South East London, is introducing its latest resident artist, Luca Francesconi, live on their site since November 14 and available as long as the link Francesconi provided is active.

The online platform aims to explore the “possibilities of artistic production and distribution through the world wide web”, bringing together artists experimenting with the internet and using its platforms “as vehicles for their practice”. Because Cosmos Carl expands through links to outside material, it functions as a type of parasite, merely hosting the links provided by its contributing artists on a two-week rotation.

Luca Francesconi, Cosmos Carl’s latest resident, provides his YouTube Playlist, ‘Fieldwork‘, as material, specifically designing the playlist for the online platform. Taking a digital approach to his more sculptural background, Francesconi explores the “increasing alienation of nature through industrial production and food chains”, using ‘Fieldwork’ to image “the internet as overlapping fields in dialogue between agriculture and curating”.

Future Cosmos Carl residents will include Leslie Kulesh, Paul Kneale and Eloise Bonneviot, among others.

See the Cosmos Carl website for details. **

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