Luca Francesconi

Luca Francesconi @ Jupiter Woods, March 11 – 31

9 March 2016

Milan-based artist Luca Francesconi will show solo presentation, Snake, Rice, Food Outlets at London’s Jupiter Woods, opening March 11 and running till the end of the month

The press release is long and it is a mix of narrative and think-piece styles. It talks about big rice sacks at the bottom of supermarket or shop shelves, with snakes, possibly, sitting beneath them waiting while the bags wait for someone to buy them: “They will end up in set meals, or waiting forever in an ‘all-you-can-eat’.”

Francesconi has worked with the idea of the “nightmare of carbohydrates” before in relation to a never-ending food chain (like an “uninterrupted snake”) (see the artist’s Tumblr archive), which he almost draws as being something stuffed, like a colon full of corn.

Snake, Rice, Food Outlets is a part of the current Jupiter Woods programme that explores ideas around care, cultivation and sustainability.

It is also accompanied by an event, ‘Attune/Harmonic Receptivity‘ by Standart Thinking in collaboration with Marco Florio on Sunday, March 13.

See the Jupiter Woods exhibition page for more details.**

Luca Francesconi, NIghtmare carbohydrates (2016), install shot. Courtesy the artist and Tonus Gallery
Luca Francesconi, NIghtmare carbohydrates (2016), install shot. Courtesy the artist and Tonus Gallery
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Luca Francesconi @ TONUS, Apr 17 – May 2

16 April 2015

Opening this week at Paris’s TONUS is Luca Francesconi‘s latest solo exhibition, titled Nightmare carbohydrates and running from April 17 to May 2.

The artist-run project space welcomes the Italian artist for what seems, at least from the press release, to be an exhibition focused on diet and agriculture. Ibegins with a quote from Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, lamenting that all industrial food chains invariably end in the same place: “a farm field in the American Corn Belt”.

The write-up then dives into a geographical rendering of this endless belt, the ingredients of processed foods, the hypocrisy of veganism, the nightmarishness of carbohydrates, and the fertile spaces that are our intestines: “We are not only our mind. We are not “just ourselves.” In our gut there is a huge presence of other life, from which we are composed. Small living beings, animals minimums, without them there would be no digestion. We are our bacteria, we are our enzymes and our viruses.
With this internal breeding, life goes on.”

See the exhibition page for details. **

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Luca Francesconi @ Cosmos Carl now live

24 November 2014

Cosmos Carl, a new online platform based in South East London, is introducing its latest resident artist, Luca Francesconi, live on their site since November 14 and available as long as the link Francesconi provided is active.

The online platform aims to explore the “possibilities of artistic production and distribution through the world wide web”, bringing together artists experimenting with the internet and using its platforms “as vehicles for their practice”. Because Cosmos Carl expands through links to outside material, it functions as a type of parasite, merely hosting the links provided by its contributing artists on a two-week rotation.

Luca Francesconi, Cosmos Carl’s latest resident, provides his YouTube Playlist, ‘Fieldwork‘, as material, specifically designing the playlist for the online platform. Taking a digital approach to his more sculptural background, Francesconi explores the “increasing alienation of nature through industrial production and food chains”, using ‘Fieldwork’ to image “the internet as overlapping fields in dialogue between agriculture and curating”.

Future Cosmos Carl residents will include Leslie Kulesh, Paul Kneale and Eloise Bonneviot, among others.

See the Cosmos Carl website for details. **

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