Rustan Söderling

Feeling in the Eyes @ Tenderpixel, Feb 4 – Mar 19

3 February 2016

The Feeling in the Eyes group show is on at London’s Tenderpixel, opening February 4 and running to March 19.

The exhibition, which includes work by Nina Beier, David Ferrando GirautWill Kendrick, Seth Price, Rustan Söderling will look at how materiality and the sensed experience of what it is you are looking at changes with time and lived technological developments.

Instead of focussing on the physical attributes and properties of materiality, pitched against what the press release denies as an immaterial internet space, Feeling in the Eyes will contemplate the ‘free-flowing’ re-negotiation around it, as a concept in itself: “In the post-internet condition, the sensible has been redistributed”.

See the Tenderpixel website for more information**

Nina Beier, 'Long Waves-to-Frizz Tousle' (2015). Installation view. Courtesy Laura Bartlett Gallery, London.
Nina Beier, ‘Long Waves-to-Frizz Tousle’ (2015). Installation view. Courtesy Laura Bartlett Gallery, London.


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