‘And No Animal Is Without Enemy’ @ Cubitt Gallery, Mar 31

, 29 March 2016

London-based writer Megan Nolan has programmed an evening of performances and readings, ‘And No Animal is Without Enemy’ at Cubitt Gallery on March 31.

The night will host the work of five London-based artists and writers, Linda Stupart, Penny Goring, Rachel Benson, Eoghan Ryan and Nolan herself, who each bridge the gap between making, performance and poetry across the city’s contemporary (art) life and its conversation, online and off, and occasionally together.

The work to be read and performed in And No Animal is Without Enemy will relate to the premise Nolan has set for the event, which lies close to the work and writings of psychiatrist R. D. Laing, who advocated for understanding the experience of psychosis as valid and actual feelings and descriptions of life, rather than symptoms.

Nolan writes for the press release: this “is a site for the unravelling of assumed positions; to question what the self can mean to a disembodied subject; what it means to claim the first person; what it means to refuse the belief that you are alive.”

See the FB event page for more details.**

Penny Goring, shitfoot supplicant (2016). Courtesy the artist
Penny Goring, ‘shitfoot supplicant’ (2016). Courtesy the artist