Linda Stupart

At the intersection of love, rage, care, + survival: Linda Stupart presents Deep Anger True Love Tender Care

13 July 2017

Linda Stupart presents Deep Anger True Love Tender Care at London’s The Horse Hospital on July 15.

The event will explore love violence, and undervalued care through screenings and performances that will articulate the “strange and vital and complex intersections of love, rage, care, and survival, especially from feminist, queer, and anti-racist perspectives.”

Artists include Ayesha Tan-Jones, Eimear Walshe, Hannah Black, Nina Wakeford, Felix Kawitzky, Buhlebezwe Siwani, Caspar Heinemann, Mijke van der Drift & Alex Reuter, Marianne Thesen Law, Sharon Kivland, Laura Nicholson, Victoria Sin, Clémentine Bedos, Michelle Williams Gamaker, Daniel Brathwaite-Shirley, Linda Stupart & Ray Filar.

The programme is open to all women (trans, intersex and cis) and will also include a self-defence workshop before the screenings begin with Tan-Jones and Walshe who will be producing a zine. All proceeds from the event go to  Sisters Uncut and S.W.E.A.T.

Visit the FB event page for details.**


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Holly Pester Common Rest Launch, Dec 1

28 November 2016

Holly Pester presents new project Common Rest with an accompanying event Lullabies and Curses at London’s Peckham Pelican on December 1.

The multimedia project includes a book of poems as well as a 10-inch vinyl album that was developed during her residency with Hubbub at the Welcome Collection to explore ‘different female responses to ideas of work and play, care and collaboration, motherhood and sexuality, curses and spells.’

Each of the 7 tracks on the album is made in collaboration with another artist, including Emma Bennett, Vahni Capildeo, Jenny Moore, Nat Raha, Vera Rodriguez, Verity Spott and Claire Tolan. The album artwork is made by Marianna Simnett

The event will be host to a night of readings, performances, songs and spells by contributors Raha, Spott, Pester, Rodriguez, Moore, as well as Mrylyn Tan and Linda Stupart

Visit the FB event page for more details.**

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Shape Arts 40th Birthday Bonanza @ Platform Southwark, Nov 25 – 26

22 November 2016

Shape Arts is presenting their 40th Birthday Bonanza at London’s Platform Southwark running November 25 and 26.

Raising funds for the future endeavours of their disability-led arts and non-profit organisation, Shape will host a postcard exhibition and sale, a series of workshops and opening and closing parties.

The postcard sale, open all day on Friday and Saturday, brings together work made onto postcards to be sold at 30 pounds each, with over 70 participating artists including Jesse DarlingLinda Stupart, Liv Fontaine and many others.

There will be two workshops led by writer Bridget Minamore on creativity and depression, and Charlotte CHW who will host a “participatory visual, image-based brainstorm and group composition of short performances relating to performing the body in trauma.”

The event is organised by Lulu Nunn

See the Shape Arts website for details.**


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‘And No Animal Is Without Enemy’ @ Cubitt Gallery, Mar 31

29 March 2016

London-based writer Megan Nolan has programmed an evening of performances and readings, ‘And No Animal is Without Enemy’ at Cubitt Gallery on March 31.

The night will host the work of five London-based artists and writers, Linda Stupart, Penny Goring, Rachel Benson, Eoghan Ryan and Nolan herself, who each bridge the gap between making, performance and poetry across the city’s contemporary (art) life and its conversation, online and off, and occasionally together.

The work to be read and performed in And No Animal is Without Enemy will relate to the premise Nolan has set for the event, which lies close to the work and writings of psychiatrist R. D. Laing, who advocated for understanding the experience of psychosis as valid and actual feelings and descriptions of life, rather than symptoms.

Nolan writes for the press release: this “is a site for the unravelling of assumed positions; to question what the self can mean to a disembodied subject; what it means to claim the first person; what it means to refuse the belief that you are alive.”

See the FB event page for more details.**

Penny Goring, shitfoot supplicant (2016). Courtesy the artist
Penny Goring, ‘shitfoot supplicant’ (2016). Courtesy the artist
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Linda Stupart @ Arcadia Missa, Feb 26 – Mar 8

25 February 2016

Linda Stupart is opening solo exhibition A dead writer exists in words and language is a type of virus. at London’s Arcadia Missa, opening February 26 and running to March 8.

The show accompanies and expands on the London-based artist and writer’s novella Virus, also published by Arcadia Missa, and follows the Stupart’s concerns with gender, language mutation and abjection in a “virulent and embodied critique of sexism and structural violence in art and artworlds.”

The exhibition announcement runs along a text that vividly evokes bodily analogies for exclusionary discourse and dominant historical narratives: “The same words again and again wearing out their throat their blood their muscles knotting, stomach filled with black oil, fingers tapping on the seat of every lecture theatre.”

See the Arcadia Missa website for details.**

Linda Stupart, Virus (2016). Courtesy the artist.
Linda Stupart, Virus (2016). Courtesy the artist.
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