Victoria Sin

Rewriting reality for an alternate tomorrow at Décalé’s first event of sound + visual performances at DIY Space, Feb 2

1 February 2018

Décalé presents their first event Décalé  #1 at London’s DIY Space on February 2.

Organised by Chooc Ly Tan and A—Z (Anne Duffau), Décalé is a new platform that puts on evenings of “experimental, collapsing and flawless sounds/visuals” and means: ‘Being displaced in space and time.’

The first night will feature performances by Chooc Ly, Sami BahaTERRIBILIS, XANA, ALPHA, and videos by Zinzi Minott and Victoria Sin with a collective aim to “re-write reality for an alternate tomorrow.”

Visit the FB event page for details.**

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At the intersection of love, rage, care, + survival: Linda Stupart presents Deep Anger True Love Tender Care

13 July 2017

Linda Stupart presents Deep Anger True Love Tender Care at London’s The Horse Hospital on July 15.

The event will explore love violence, and undervalued care through screenings and performances that will articulate the “strange and vital and complex intersections of love, rage, care, and survival, especially from feminist, queer, and anti-racist perspectives.”

Artists include Ayesha Tan-Jones, Eimear Walshe, Hannah Black, Nina Wakeford, Felix Kawitzky, Buhlebezwe Siwani, Caspar Heinemann, Mijke van der Drift & Alex Reuter, Marianne Thesen Law, Sharon Kivland, Laura Nicholson, Victoria Sin, Clémentine Bedos, Michelle Williams Gamaker, Daniel Brathwaite-Shirley, Linda Stupart & Ray Filar.

The programme is open to all women (trans, intersex and cis) and will also include a self-defence workshop before the screenings begin with Tan-Jones and Walshe who will be producing a zine. All proceeds from the event go to  Sisters Uncut and S.W.E.A.T.

Visit the FB event page for details.**


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Saturday 19 November @ clearview, Nov 19

16 November 2016

The Saturday 19 November inauguratory event is on at London’s clearview, opening on the evening of November 19. 

The space, in a converted warehouse, will be host to a series of events and exhibitions in the form of a housewarming in a North London area that is “increasingly subject to urban redevelopment.” The contemporary art project is both a residency and event space and is co-founded by Canan Batur, Cedric Fauq, Joss Heierli, Nilz Källgren and Filip Zezovski Lindh. 

The event is split into sections and there will also be DJ sets into the night.

‘+1’ will feature Tenant of Culture +1, Sean Lavelle +1, Lucia Quevedo +1, Alicia Reyes McNamara +1 and Alicia Tsigarides +1.

‘Views’ will feature Jaako PallasvuoPatrick Goddard and Lola Gonzalez among others.

‘Diplomacy’ will feature Victoria Sin and Frederique Pisuisse.

‘Acetate’ will feature Jack Brindley and Sophie Hoyle, among others

‘Bedroom Conversations’ will feature Paul Maheke among others. 

See the clearview website for details.**


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Sham Romance @ Chalton Gallery, Oct 25 – 29

24 October 2016

The Sham Romance group exhibition is on at London’s Chalton Gallery, opening October 25 and running to October 29.

Picking apart the multiplicity of romance, the show features work and performances by  Mariana Echeverri, Pennie Koliopoulou, Ulijona Odišarija, Hannah Regel, Joe Ridgeon, Victoria Sin, Madeleine Stack, Puck Verkade and Ruth Waters.

“What do we allow to penetrate us when dealing with love, loss and attraction? How do we play along with social norms and dynamics and do we still fetishise them once they’ve been brought to light?”

The opening night will also host performances by Harry Bix, Sarah Boulton and Soohyun Choi. There will be an evening of screenings on October 29, featuring ‘Pennie’ by Lola Clavo, ‘Pix’ by Antonio da Silva, ‘If You Did Not Exist’ by Theo Turpin, ‘Prosopagnosia’ by Katie Hare.

See the Chalton Gallery website for details.**



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Dream Babes @ Auto Italia, Sep 7 – Sep 9

5 September 2016

The Dream Babes intersectional queer experience programme is on at London’s Auto Italia, opening September 7 and running to September 9.

The long-term project, made in collaboration with Victoria Sin features artists using speculative fiction as a productive medium and is comprised of many iterations, public moments, and opportunities to come together. The press release states, “in the face of representational violence, speculative fiction is a productive medium to invade existing narratives that naturalize normative states of sex, gender and race, imaging futurity that does not depend on existing historical and social infrastructure”.

On September 7, the programme begins with ‘Resis’dance DJ Workshop’. It aims to give an opportunity for female, trans, and non-binary people to learn the basics of DJing in a welcoming, non judgemental environment. Cassandre Greenberg and Christopher Kirubi form the duo Special Tears and will perform live and present ‘CRY BABY: Get Close’, some notes on desperation and closeness. Their presentation and performance follows with DJ sets from Ann Ayoola, Oretha, cruise_control and Manara.

September 8 begins with Evan Ifekoya and Victoria Sin, who invite attendees to “partake in a moment of queer collectivity focusing on experiences of nightlife and the physical within the social body”. Chooc Ly Tan’s Spacer Woman will DJ after, presenting a varied selection influenced by Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Bollywood, experimental Dakbe, and high-voltage Electro.

Delany Fanclub opens on September 9, an informal afternoon screening group, looking at the work of science fiction writer and essayist Samuel Delany. Followed by ‘Lipstix and Lipsynx Performative Workshop’ with Adam Saad and Raju Rage. The workshop intends to uncover secret present selves and open up queer portals of self-affirmation for “moments of future whateva”. The programme closes with a DJ set from Sydney UltraOmni.

See the Auto Italia website for more details.**

Dream Babes @ Auto Italia, 7 Sep - 9 Sep

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