Joe Ridgeon

Sham Romance @ Chalton Gallery, Oct 25 – 29

24 October 2016

The Sham Romance group exhibition is on at London’s Chalton Gallery, opening October 25 and running to October 29.

Picking apart the multiplicity of romance, the show features work and performances by  Mariana Echeverri, Pennie Koliopoulou, Ulijona Odišarija, Hannah Regel, Joe Ridgeon, Victoria Sin, Madeleine Stack, Puck Verkade and Ruth Waters.

“What do we allow to penetrate us when dealing with love, loss and attraction? How do we play along with social norms and dynamics and do we still fetishise them once they’ve been brought to light?”

The opening night will also host performances by Harry Bix, Sarah Boulton and Soohyun Choi. There will be an evening of screenings on October 29, featuring ‘Pennie’ by Lola Clavo, ‘Pix’ by Antonio da Silva, ‘If You Did Not Exist’ by Theo Turpin, ‘Prosopagnosia’ by Katie Hare.

See the Chalton Gallery website for details.**



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Joe Ridgeon @ Goldsmithsgallery, Apr 27 – May 14

27 April 2016

London-based artist Joe Ridgeon will present solo show Inroad at Goldsmithsgallery, opening April 27 and running to May 14.

The press release begins by including a passage from literary theorist Leo Bersani’s words on Jean Genet’s novel, Funeral Rites, which the latter wrote for his dead lover —also named Jean —after the war. It is entangled in death, as well as some sort of total entrance, passage and way in, not only to the story but also the “cool bower” of Jean’s rectum —where [he] slept “on the moss there, in the shade, to die there”.

It is not otherwise clear what the show will entail but the text continues to talk about hardly remembering a time before ‘sub’ and before ‘daddies’ of BDSM, before mentioning that these polarities seem so inherent.

Ridgeon’s practice spans physical installations and sensual and detailed graphite drawings imagining people wearing gloves and harnesses, for example. Inroads at Goldsmiths Gallery, which has recently seen work presented by Ruth Waters and Laura Yuile, will perhaps then be a submission to thoughts and imagination around submission, or something along these lines.

See the FB event page for more details.**

Joe Ridgeon, 'Fanboy' (2015). Courtesy the artist
Joe Ridgeon, ‘Fanboy’ (2015). Courtesy the artist.
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