Saturday 19 November @ clearview, Nov 19

, 16 November 2016

The Saturday 19 November inauguratory event is on at London’s clearview, opening on the evening of November 19. 

The space, in a converted warehouse, will be host to a series of events and exhibitions in the form of a housewarming in a North London area that is “increasingly subject to urban redevelopment.” The contemporary art project is both a residency and event space and is co-founded by Canan Batur, Cedric Fauq, Joss Heierli, Nilz Källgren and Filip Zezovski Lindh. 

The event is split into sections and there will also be DJ sets into the night.

‘+1’ will feature Tenant of Culture +1, Sean Lavelle +1, Lucia Quevedo +1, Alicia Reyes McNamara +1 and Alicia Tsigarides +1.

‘Views’ will feature Jaako PallasvuoPatrick Goddard and Lola Gonzalez among others.

‘Diplomacy’ will feature Victoria Sin and Frederique Pisuisse.

‘Acetate’ will feature Jack Brindley and Sophie Hoyle, among others

‘Bedroom Conversations’ will feature Paul Maheke among others. 

See the clearview website for details.**