Rachel Benson

there is a party @ DIY Space, Feb 16

15 February 2016

London’s DIY Space will host an event of readings titled there is a party on the evening of February 16.

Reading will be Jesse Darling, Rachel Benson, London-based Angela Shier who runs The Mall magazine, Christopher Kirubi, producer VÏSTAAurelia Guo –via iMessage if she’s awake, according to the FB Event page, and poet and video artist Steve Roggenbuck.

Roggenbuck is currently on tour and is also giving an artist’s tour at Goldsmiths on February 15.

See DIY Space event page for (limited) details**

Rachel Benson, Just Did It (2013) Courtesy the artist
Rachel Benson, ‘Just Did It’ (2013). Courtesy the artist.



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Announcing 5everdankly

15 February 2016

5everdankly is a new online publishing community and project space.

On the 5everdankly site is already a project called irl pantie$, an international undies-burning video and animation show with contributions from artists and writers Cristine Brache, Penny Goring, Aurorae Parker, Dan Sanders, Hela Trol Pis (aka Max Trevor Thomas Edmond), Rachel Benson who is currently showing work on The White Pube‘s website, and other members from the collaborative 5everdankly dank play space.

5everdankly have also recently released new books, hatefuck the reader, by artist Penny Goring and RECEIVES THE MARKS OF EVERY THING, UNDERSTANDS AND INCLUDES EVERYTHING — EXCEPT ITSELF by Hela Trol Pis.

The space positions itself in the midst of online community, collectivism and self-organisation.

Look out for further projects and publication releases.**

Penny Goring, Falling Apart Doll (2016). Courtesy the artist
Penny Goring, ‘Falling Apart Doll’ (2016). Courtesy the artist

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