Max Trevor Thomas Edmond

Announcing 5everdankly

15 February 2016

5everdankly is a new online publishing community and project space.

On the 5everdankly site is already a project called irl pantie$, an international undies-burning video and animation show with contributions from artists and writers Cristine Brache, Penny Goring, Aurorae Parker, Dan Sanders, Hela Trol Pis (aka Max Trevor Thomas Edmond), Rachel Benson who is currently showing work on The White Pube‘s website, and other members from the collaborative 5everdankly dank play space.

5everdankly have also recently released new books, hatefuck the reader, by artist Penny Goring and RECEIVES THE MARKS OF EVERY THING, UNDERSTANDS AND INCLUDES EVERYTHING — EXCEPT ITSELF by Hela Trol Pis.

The space positions itself in the midst of online community, collectivism and self-organisation.

Look out for further projects and publication releases.**

Penny Goring, Falling Apart Doll (2016). Courtesy the artist
Penny Goring, ‘Falling Apart Doll’ (2016). Courtesy the artist

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Trace Bodies @ ICA, May 16

13 May 2015

Group participatory performance Trace Bodies is taking over London’s ICA on May 16.

The series of live performances, running as part of the Looks exhibition and curated by ICA Student Forum members Liam Crockett, Grant Bingham, Will Guy and Perry-James Sugden, examines “affective online alienation in relation to corporeality and identity production and consumption”.

The event, starting at 7:30pm at the ICA Bar, will feature performances by writers Elizabeth Holdsworth and Hannah Regel, artists Cristine Brache, Caspar Heinemann and Max Trevor Thomas Edmond, as well as poet Devawn Wilkinson with Kris Beaghton, and Lawrence Uziell. The evening will also be accompanied with music from Exxist (Endless) and Kamixlo (Krysaor).

See the ICA event page and the Trace Bodies website for details. **

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Holly Childs + Max T.T. Edmond @ Life Gallery, Jul 23 – Aug 20

24 July 2014

Life Gallery is host to Ellen Degeneres Beezin Topshop {preliminary materials}, by artists Holly Childs and Max Trevor Thomas Edmond, online now and running  July 23 to August 20.

The press release offers little more than the promise of an interesting show, mentioning that currently “Hella Trol Buzy [Max] and Holly Childs are sleeping somewhere in Australia (?) in a place without internet (?)” and that the it features part of a book written collaboratively between the two and “split into 9 google docs of different lengths which might change at some point (?) looping at different speeds”.

The show comes on the heels of Edmond’s residency at Life Gallery, joint book with Childs holy hela (2014),  and their mutual participation in the Burn Rate Office writing performance at Emerging Writers’ Festival in Australia.

For more writing, read an excerpt of Meet Me at the Rave at the End of the World published in Auckland art publication Magasine (pages 25-8) or check out one of Edmond’s textual works here.

See the exhibition on the Life Gallery website. **

title: untitled (punch up teh cicadas 2maek traphats, a poem, a track, a vid) from Holly Childs on Vimeo.

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