No Need to Hunt… @ S T O R E, Sep 26 – Oct 10

, 25 September 2015

Dresden’s S T O R E gallery is presenting No Need to Hunt – We Just Wait for the Roadkill group exhibition, opening September 26 and running to October 10.

Staying true to its title, the press event announcement comes accompanied by a poem (see below) that alludes to a kind of vulture —an animal that scavenges in an urban environment for meat fallen prey to traffic and become a “fresh delivery” for those who wait.

Organised by Paul Barsch, participating artists include Burkhard Beschow, Alexander Endrullat, Dorota Gaweda and Eglé Kulbokaité of Young Girl Reading Group, Camilla Steinum, Michele Gabriele, Kai Hügel and Jake Kent.

“sitting at the roadside. inert and puffed up. watching cars fly by.

—one by one. a constant flow of noise.

hours of contemplation. waiting. wide awake. aware and intent.

instead of flying high. we spare our vigors —for whatever.

we are not lazy. we are laid back.

then just glide over. to the warm body cracked open. spiced with hot rubber and nasty surprise.

—fresh delivery.

we are no scavengers. we are the new breed!”

See the S T O R E website for details.**