Juliette Bonneviot @ OSLO10 for Ai

, 1 June 2015

Ai curatorial programme is bringing in its first web residency in the form of a new project by Juliette Bonneviot called Xenoestrogens, to be developed in stages until the middle of June.

The Ai curatorial programme, run by Agatha Valkyrie Ice as the new curator of OSLO10, takes the form of a virtual character, or “an open-ended script”, based on the concept of the reality show MTV Cribs: “In 10 episodes Ai home hosts a IRL sci-fi story expressed in the different rooms of Ai house, starting at the entrance and moving through the corridor, living room and further rooms so that in Ai2 years at OSLO1O Ai house will be constructed.”

The web residency programme, of which Juliette Bonneviot is the first participant, complements the physical exhibition and Bonneviot’s project is to unfold as a series of extended interventions in the digital space, building on themes developed in some of her earlier work, like her pieces in the ICA Looks show and X is Y at Sandy Brown.

 See the project page for (minimal) details. **