Paul Barsch + Tilman Hornig, Episode 4: Bathroom (2015) documentation

1 June 2016

Episode 4: Bathroom, curated by Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė, brought together artists Paul Barsch and Tilman Hornig at Münchenstein’s OSLO1O in Switzerland, which ran from November 25, 2015, to January 25, 2016. Under the topic of ‘Bathroom’, devised by “post-gender avatar” and curator Agatha Valkyrie Ice, the project was the fourth of 10 in Ai’s curatorial concept following MTV Cribs.

The collaborative installation is loosely associated with Chapter 7: ANUS of their online project Body Holes, produced by digital exhibition platform New Scenario and launching on June 3 as part of the Berlin 9th Berlin Biennale. The project features Michele Gabriele, Jesse Darling, Mikkel Carl, and Sandra Vaka Olsen.

Moving through the different rooms of Ai house, beginning at the entrance, through the corridors and into further rooms, the 10 episodes host a [sci-fi IRL] story constructed over two years.

Paul Barsch + Tilman Hornig, Episode 4: Bathroom (2015). Exhibition view. Courtesy the artists + OSLO1O, Münchenstein.
Paul Barsch + Tilman Hornig, Episode 4: Bathroom (2015). Exhibition view. Courtesy the artists + OSLO1O, Münchenstein.

Four toilets are placed haphazardly around the space. Each titled ‘Toilet Piece’ (2015), the artists describe the medium as “Sanitary Ceramics” and each have been cleanly painted with pigment made to look like graffiti. Hanging above are the three ‘Garlic Piece’ series (2015), made of allium sativum (see: garlic) and bast fiber (also a part of the plant), hung on steel. In the adjacent room, ‘Wall piece’ (2015) takes up the majority of the space and is made using nitro-combination lacquer. The graffiti presents opposite the isolated and minimal ‘Soap/Sink Piece’ (2015).

Accompanying the sculptural assemblage is a written script that expands on the concept through words:

“Hanako-san, Ai realise the first organ to suffer privatization, removal from the social field, was the anus. Ai hole is a positive particle before Ai is the absence of a negatively charged electron, and the movement of electrons toward the positive terminal is also a flow of holes streaming back the other way. Immerse Aiself in a field of anuses, and a collection of small holes and tiny ulcerations: Ai heterogeneous elements compose the multiplicity of symbiosis and becoming. Holes are charged particles running in reverse. Holes are not the absence of particles but particles traveling faster than the speed of light. Ai realise that the anus is that center of production of pleasure. Ai is closely related to the mouth and hand, which are also organs strongly controlled by the sexopolitical campaign against masturbation and homosexuality in the nineteenth century. The anus has no gender.”**

Exhibition photos, top right.

Paul Barsch + Tilman Hornig’s Episode 4: Bathroom was on at Münchenstein’s OSLO10, running November 24 to January 25, 2015-2016.

Header image: Paul Barsch + Tilman Hornig, ‘Toilet Piece’ (2015). Detail. Courtesy the artists + OSLO1O.

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Episode 4: Bathroom @ Oslo10, Nov 24

24 November 2015

Dynamic and performative time-based exhibition platform New Scenario and “post-gender avatar” Agatha Valkyrie Ice are presenting the Episode 4: Bathroom installation at Münchenstein, Switzerland’s Oslo10 on November 24.

The event features artists Mikkel Carl, Jesse Darling, Michele Gabriele and Sandra Vaka Olsen, and appears as part of the Body Holes project Chapter 7: ANUS, along with a screening by Daniel Iinatti.

Episode 4: Bathroom comes with little additional information aside from a text with its focus on the digestive tract, including an excerpt that goes as follows:

“…Ai is closely related to the mouth and hand, which are also organs strongly controlled by the sexopolitical campaign against masturbation and homosexuality in the nineteenth century. The anus has no gender.”

See the Oslo10 website for details.**

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Lou Cantor @ Oslo10, Nov 13 + 14

13 November 2015

Lou Cantor presents their contribution to the “unfolding saga” of Agatha Valkyrie Ice with The Labour of Watching, taking place at Oslo 10 on November 13 and November 14.

Cantor’s performance follows their recent exhibition of the same name, which informs the presentation of Ai’s journey as her status as a “trans-material being who manifests beyond the constraints of materiality itself yet who is inextricably imbricated in the world of object”.

The performance begins on November 13 at noon and continues on November 14, concluding with a lecture that will begin at 8pm.

See the Oslo 10 website for details. **

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Blend AI Robot workshop @ Oslo10, Oct 16 + 17

15 October 2015

“Post-gender avatar” Agatha Valkyrie Ice continues their curatorial programme at Oslo 10 with a ‘Blend AI Robot’ workshop on October 16.

The conglomerate artist avatar—composed of Dorota Gaweda and Egle Kulbokaite of Young Girl Reading Group (YGRG) together with Ana Andra, Zayne Armstrong, Elin Gonzalez and Aaron Ritschard—has been running the programme at Oslo10 from April 2015 with a series of web residencies, including ones by Kareem Lofty and Juliette Bonneviotand the programme will run to March 2017.

For the Blend AI Robot workshop, “Ai invite Ai”, as the press release states, to a two-day workshop run by Agatha Valkyrie Ice and Orion Facey in which “a garment will be assembled out of the cutting pattern contributions collected via Blend Ai Robots!…Ai consider no top n bottom. Ai remember the twisted animals that have no land beneath them; the paws point in the opposite direction from the head, the hind part of the body is turned upside down.”

See the FB event page for details. **

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Kareem Lotfy @ OSLO10 for Ai

19 August 2015

Artist Kareem Lofty is taking part in the second web residency of OSLO10‘s Ai curatorial programme, run by “post-gender avatar” Agatha Valkyrie Ice, called Club Mirage and running online throughout August.

The Netherlands-based artist will be featured on the website and at hyperloglog.tumblr.com, treated less as an exhibition and more as a project and a site for sharing research, ideas and visual material that will expand during the Lotfy’s residency, which right now includes the artist’s BAŞ BAŞA mix (below) produced as Dj Saudi Cables.

Previously featuring artist Juliette Bonneviot’s Xenoestrogens residency in June, the Ai curatorial programme complements the physical exhibition programme OSLO10, which includes an OTTOLINGER presentation on, August 20.

See the event page for details. **

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Juliette Bonneviot @ OSLO10 for Ai

1 June 2015

Ai curatorial programme is bringing in its first web residency in the form of a new project by Juliette Bonneviot called Xenoestrogens, to be developed in stages until the middle of June.

The Ai curatorial programme, run by Agatha Valkyrie Ice as the new curator of OSLO10, takes the form of a virtual character, or “an open-ended script”, based on the concept of the reality show MTV Cribs: “In 10 episodes Ai home hosts a IRL sci-fi story expressed in the different rooms of Ai house, starting at the entrance and moving through the corridor, living room and further rooms so that in Ai2 years at OSLO1O Ai house will be constructed.”

The web residency programme, of which Juliette Bonneviot is the first participant, complements the physical exhibition and Bonneviot’s project is to unfold as a series of extended interventions in the digital space, building on themes developed in some of her earlier work, like her pieces in the ICA Looks show and X is Y at Sandy Brown.

 See the project page for (minimal) details. **

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Events + exhibitions, Apr 20 – 26

21 April 2015

Art Brussels is on in Belgium on the week beginning April 20, with a couple events of interest surrounding the art fair, including a group exhibition at Galerie Albert Baronian.  There’s a show on at Oslo10 in Switzerland with an installation by Agatha Valkyrie Ice and a performance by DJ HVAD and the first Swimming Pool Projects exhibition, including Stefania Batoeva, Emanuel Röhss and Yves Scherer, is on in Sofia, Bulgaria.

In Berlin, Janus are putting on a show at Berghain’s Panorama Bar and David Ostrowski is presenting a special commission for 032c Workshop, while Britta Thie is opening her Translantics exhibition/ web series with a performance with Dan Bodan in Frankfurt.

In London, Jupiter Woods continues its at continental margins (propositions) programme with presentations by Lawrence Abu Hamdan and Emily Jones, David Douard is showing at Union Pacific and Erica Scourti, Hannah Black and Aisha Abid Hussuan are among the artists screening work at the April Salon commemorating 40 years of the Feminist Library.

There’s more so see below:


Wade Shepard @ Waterstones, Apr 20

Emily Sundblad @ The Kitchen, Apr 23 – 25

FW>> @ Dance Tunnel, Apr 23

The n+1 Labor and Letters Symposium @ The Bell House, Apr 23

Dear White People @ Stratford East Picturehouse, Apr 23

Lawrence Abu Hamdan @ Jupiter Woods, Apr 23

David Ostrowski @ SOCIÉTÉ DE 032c bar night, Apr 24

Janus @ Panorama Bar, Apr 24

Art Brussels Apr 24 – 27

I Trust This Program @ Apiary Studios, Apr 24

Lawrence Lek @ Royal Academy of Arts, Apr 24

Welcome to Ai Crib! @ Oslo10, Apr 25

Harold Offeh @ The Cock Tavern, Apr 25

Crimes of the Future @ The Yard, Apr 25

Steven Baelen @ Levy Delval, Apr 23

Vimeodrome @ The Interview Room, Apr 25

Dorine van Meel @ DRAF, Apr 25

The Male Gaze: Women on Screen @ The Feminist Library, Apr 25

Readings @ Ladette Space, Apr 25

Britta Thie + Dan Bodan @ Schirn Kunsthalle, Apr 25

Emily Jones @ Jupiter Woods, Apr 25


Looks @ ICA, Apr 22 – Jun 21

Zak Kitnick @ C L E A R I N G, Apr 22 – Jun 13

Jala Wahid + Nicole Morris @ Artyčok.tv, Apr 22 – May 22

Astrid Nippoldt @ The Gallery Apart, Apr 23 – Jun 13

Mike Goldby @ monCHERI, Apr 23 – Jun 6

Dimension(s) Variable @ The Waiting Room., Apr 23 – May 15

David Douard @ Union Pacific, Apr 23 – May 23

Bea Fremderman @ Aran Cravey, Apr 23 – Jun 13

To blow smoke in order to heal @ Albert Baronian, Apr 24 – May 30

MATERIAL @ Johann König, Apr 24 – Jun 27

Charlie Godet Thomas @ Cactus, Apr 24 – May 17

Mitra Saboury @ Smart Objects, Apr 24 – May 22

Josh Bitelli @ tank.tv, Apr 24 – May 15

Gery Georgieva @ Res. Apr 24 – May 9

Barbara Visser @ Kunstraum, Apr 24 – Jun 13

Beyond the Interface @ Furtherfield Gallery, Apr 24 – Jun 21

Sofia Leiby @ Levy Delval, Apr 23 – May 23

Balconia @ Swimmming Pool Projects, Apr 25 – May 31


See here for exhibitions opening last week.

Header image: at continental margins (propositions) (2015) @ Jupiter Woods.

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