Episode 5: Library @ Oslo10, Mar 19

, 18 March 2016

Curatorial project and ‘post-gender avatar’ Agatha Valkyrie Ice is presenting Episode 5: Library at Münchenstein Oslo10 on March 19.

Featuring Jennifer Bennett, and Max Stocklosa with support from Florian Goldmann and Daniel Wolter, this episode, based in the Library, runs under three titles —’Visual: Earth Flow’, ‘Visual: Levitated Mass’, ‘Visual: Nasa whirlwind’. They’re themes that are introduced by the project’s characteristic self-referential Ai prose: “Ai’m now hearing the ancestral cry…”

The event is part of Agatha Valkyrie Ice (aka Ai)’s curatorial programme following the television show MTV Cribs. It’s an “IRL sci-fi story” where Oslo10 is Ai’s house-under-construction, running in 10 episodes starting at the entrance and moving through the space over two years.

Bennett will also be presenting Self-Organization in Indigenous Communities followed by discussion and soup on April 19.

See the Oslo10 website for details.**

Paul Barsch + Tilman Hornig, Episode 4: Bathroon @ OSLO10, Basel.
Paul Barsch + Tilman Hornig, Episode 4: Bathroom @ OSLO10, Basel.