Private settings film screenings @ MoMA Warsaw, Dec 10

, 8 December 2014

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw will be hosting a film screening event titled ‘Total Body Conditioning’ to coincide with the Private Settings, Art after the Internet group exhibition on December 10.

The event focuses on “the body as an object and a brand”, exploring its representation within the public realm and within contemporary visual culture, and how they, in turn, affect one’s relationship with his/her own body as it continues to be “disciplined by technological mediation on screen”.

The event brings a handful of artists who have in their own ways explored these questions through their video works and films, like Agnieszka Polska and Sarah Abu Abdallah, as well as Kate Cooper, Jesse Darling, Hannah BlackJennifer Chan, and Bunny Rogers.

See the MoMA Warsaw event page for details. **