James Bridle @ White Building, Feb 26

, 24 February 2014

James Bridle will be presenting a lecture, On the Rainbow Plane, at London’s White Building, February 26.

Named after a mysterious Google maps photo of a plane that comes up rainbows, the technologist and mind behind the concept of the New Aesthetic, who writes on his own blog booktwo.org, will be investigating “the relationships between the public understanding of technology and networks, and the classification  of people and things performed by technologies”.

As part of the inaugural White Building/Eyebeam Residency Bridle will be outlining his work across the embedded politics in the technological gaze, to data shadows, immigration and rendition, while his most recent blogpost on watching deportation flights, ‘Planespotting‘, might help with prep.

See the White Building website for details. **

Header image courtesy James Bridle.