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Meeting in the middle of music + art + technology: a guide to Convergence Festival, Mar 21 – 25

20 March 2017

The 2017 Convergence Festival is on at venues across London, running March 21 to 25.

The event brings together an interdisciplinary set of practices to create a dialogue around performance and technology, and is divided into three sections: Live Music, Visual Arts and Sessions.

The Live Music events will take place throughout the week at various locations in the city, including some notable performances by Yves Tumor who will present a “visceral live / art performance” on March 25 at Electric Brixton for Jacques Green’s curated Closing Party, as well as Actress on March 24 at Village Underground, among many others.

The Visual Arts section has partnered with Carroll/Fletcher, and features a public installation ‘Render Search’ by James Bridle at London’s Great Eastern Wall Gallery, running March 21 to April 3, and Constant Dullaart‘s solo exhibition The European Classes  at London’s Village Underground Gallery, March 21 -26.

Convergence Sessions creates a hub that hosts a series of workshops, talks and performances, and takes place over two days on Friday and Saturday at London’s Behind The Bike Shed. Some of our recommendations include:

Friday, March 25

– Talks by Gaika, Mark LeckeyNelly Ben Hayoun and Katja Lucker of Musicboard Berlin
– Live performance by choreographer and director Holly Blakey

Saturday, March 26

– Presentation by ASMR-tist Claire Tolan
– Live performances by Nkisi and Klein

See the Convergence Festival website for a full programme and more details.**

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As Rights Go By… @ freiraum Q21, Apr 13 – Jun 5

12 April 2016

The As Rights Go By – On the Erosion and Denial of Rights group show is on at Vienna’s freiraum quartier21 space in the MuseumsQuartier, opening April 13 and running to June 5.

Organised by curator Sabine Winkler and featuring the likes of Yuri Pattison, James Bridle and Nikita Kadan, the artworks in the large exhibition explore the impact of globalisation, financialisation, and mass surveillance on civil rights and human rights, as well as the social and judicial inequality they entail.

The issue of the distribution of rights is also topical now in an art context, the press release notes, and in this respect the show, which is held in on the ground floor of a building that gathers ‘creatives’ and people working in the cultural industry, will extend its exploration of social or societal asymmetries inside aesthetics and what is visible of the conditions of an individual’s art production.

Other works featured in As Rights Go By will be a board game version of everyday reality in crisis-ridden Greece by Lina Theodorou, a legal contract written backwards by Carey Young and works by George Drivas, Silvia Beck, Özlem Günyol/Mustafa Kunt, Kollektiv Migrafona (Belinda Kazeem, Petja Dimitrova, Radostina Patulova, Vlatka Frketić, Vina Yun), Vladimir Miladinović, Lorenzo Pezzani und Charles Heller (Forensic Architecture), Julien Prévieux, Andrea Ressi, and Judith Siegmund.

See the freiraum quartier21 for more details.**

Yuri Pattison, 'Chelyabinsk eBay Extrusion'. Photo by Andy Crouch. Image courtesy the artist.
Yuri Pattison, ‘Chelyabinsk eBay Extrusion’ (2013). Courtesy the artist.
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Killer Robots @ Bold Tendencies, Jul 30

25 July 2014

South London’s Bold Tendencies is hosting an evening discussion titled Killer Robots with artist and writer James Bridle on July 30. 

Killer Robots comes as the fourth installment of a five-part series with Bridle examining the themes of The Right To Flight, a Bold Tendencies summer project involving a balloon attached with aerial cameras and darknet routers flying over London, “researching and investigating flight, surveillance, networks, cities and utopia”.

Joining Bridle for Killer Robots will be Alice Ross and Jack Serle, the editors of The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, as well as Thomas Nash, the Director of Article 36 and joint coordinator of International Network on Explosive Weapons. 

See the Bold Tendencies event page for details. **


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You Are Here: Art After the Internet @ ICA, Jun 18

17 June 2014

Following the launch of the publication by the same name, the You Are Here: Art After the Internet panel discussion takes place at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) on June 18.

Exploring the influence of the Internet on contemporary art, the panel is led by artist and writer Omar Kholeif (who also curates London’s Whitechapel Gallery) and investigates issues of authenticity and aesthetics as transformed by the new medium.

Other panelists include author and King’s College lecturer Erika Balsom, artist and writer James Bridle, writer Steven Cairns, artist Jeremy Bailey, as well as curator Lucia Pietroiusti.

See the ICA event website for details. **


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James Bridle @ White Building, Feb 26

24 February 2014

James Bridle will be presenting a lecture, On the Rainbow Plane, at London’s White Building, February 26.

Named after a mysterious Google maps photo of a plane that comes up rainbows, the technologist and mind behind the concept of the New Aesthetic, who writes on his own blog booktwo.org, will be investigating “the relationships between the public understanding of technology and networks, and the classification  of people and things performed by technologies”.

As part of the inaugural White Building/Eyebeam Residency Bridle will be outlining his work across the embedded politics in the technological gaze, to data shadows, immigration and rendition, while his most recent blogpost on watching deportation flights, ‘Planespotting‘, might help with prep.

See the White Building website for details. **

Header image courtesy James Bridle.

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