Systems of Solidarity presents Queer Identities: resistance and assimilation at Melbourne’s Bus Projects, Dec 6

6 December 2017

The Queer Identities: resistance and assimilation panel discussion at Melbourne’s Bus Projects will take place on December 6.

Chaired by artist and academic Drew Pettifer, the evening is the next iteration of Bus Projects’ Systems of Solidarity series and features non-practicing artist, musician and writer Alex Cuffe, new media artist and curator Xanthe Dobbie, and artist, curator, writer Léuli Eshraghi.

In lieu of the recent marriage equality vote and current political climate, the panel encourages speakers to respond from a “personal perspective within the arts” and also to “unpack the potential implications of the assimilation of queer identities into an otherwise heteronormative establishment.”

Visit the Bus Projects website for details.**



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Where madness falls in waves: Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff present new play NEWS CRIME SPORTS at Grüner Salon

5 December 2017
Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff present play News Crime Sports at Berlin’s Grüner Salon showing on December 7, 8 and 9. 
“What do you want? Not this.” is the first line in the press release. The multilingual (English, German, French) drama is set “in a poorly rendered past where madness falls in waves as the passengers of a cruise ship fill the hours, weeks, and years that seem to unfold at once.”
The work is the first of four plays commissioned by the Grüner Salon that trace ‘the rise and fall of a city.’ Henkel and Pitegoff are Berlin-based artists who have been collaborating over the last decade, with a previous project including New Theater where they produced and hosted plays in a storefront in Kreuzberg.
Visit the Grüner Salon website for details.**
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Art Basel Miami Beach, UNTITLED, Dream, Satellite + NADA: a guide to Miami Art Week, Dec 5 -10

5 December 2017

It’s Miami Art Week and galleries from all over the world will descend upon the city, featuring exhibitions, edition works, large-scale installations, films, performances and outdoor events taking place across the city opening December 6 and running to December 10.

Below is a list of the main events taking place:

– Art Basel Miami Beach brings together an international line-up of galleries and artists, exhibiting at Miami Beach Convention Center running December 7 to 10, including Pilar Corrias showing Rachel Rose and Tschabalala Self, Freedman Fitzpatrick showing Jill Mulleady and Real Fine Arts showing Nicolas Ceccaldi.

– The sixth edition of UNTITLED Miami Beach opens at South Beach from December 6 to 10, with special projects from Esvin Alarcón Lam, Thiago Martins de Melo and Lucy + Jorge Orta among others. There are over 68 galleries, including SIGNAL, showing Meriem Bennani and Rachel Rossin; Steve Turner, showing Ann Hirsch and Yung Jake; and the artist-run immaterial art project Galerie will present a series of performances daily. Also check out Untitled, Radio which will host is a program of talks, interviews and roundtable discussions as well as sound art, performances, readings and curated playlists. 

– Started in 2015, Satellite was set up for young contributors, artist-run spaces and non-profits and is taking place in an abandoned hotel called Ocean Terrace, running December 7 to 10, with some contributors including Secret Project RobotThe Haunt Collective and Tempus Projects, among many others, as well as a program of performances and line up of live DJs and music.

John Edmonds and Esmaa Mohamoud (2017) Courtesy ltd Los Angeles

– The non-profit arts organisation NADA (The New Art Dealers Alliance) at Ice Palace Studios is running December 7 to 10. Among the huge line-up of galleries, some notable mentions include Downs & Ross, showing Nora Berman and Erin Jane Nelson; Ghebaly Gallery, showing Sayre Gomez and Kelly AkashiLoyal Gallery, showing Cheyenne Julien, and James Fuentes showing Amalia Ulman. There will also be Invisible-Exports, showing Vaginal DavisMartos Gallery, showing Alex Chaves and Jennie Jieun Lee, and ltd los angeles showing John Edmonds and Esmaa Mohamoud.

– Dream Miami is an online art fair that runs December 5 to 10, with some of this year’s contributors including The Composing Rooms, showing Michael Pybus; Barnies, showing Hannah Lees, and Temnikova & Kasela, showing Merike Estna.

Visit Art Basel Miami Beach, Untitled, Miami Beach, NADASatellite and Dream for more details.**

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“Strange snapshots of fleeting moments at night.” The ESSEX ROAD IV video window display at Tintype Gallery, Dec 8 – Jan 13

4 December 2017

The ESSEX ROAD IV exhibition at London’s Tintype Gallery opens December 8 and is running to January 13. 

Now in its fourth year, the moving image installation will feature work by Edwina Ashton, Chloe Dewe Matthews, Benedict Drew, Judith Goddard, Matthew Noel-Tod, Paul Tarragó, Richard Wentworth and Xiaowen Zhu.

The videos will be back-projected onto the window of the gallery to be viewed also from outdoors and will run through the holidays and New Year.  Shown on a loop from morning to night, passerby’s will be able to view the works from the street.

Visit the Tintype Gallery website for details.**

Richard Wentworth, ‘But there again…’ (2017) Video still. Courtesy the artist + Tintype Gallery, London.
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Intersecting nightlife + activism: Progress Bar presents GAIKA’s The Spectacular Empire with guests at Paradiso Noord, Dec 2

29 November 2017

Progress Bar presents The Spectacular Empire with GAIKA and guests at Amsterdam’s Paradiso Noord on December 2.

Hosted by the organisation Sonic Acts and Progress Bar (a platform that mixes club nights with performance and talks to explore the “intersection between nightlife and socio-political activism”), the evening features GAIKA with performance The Spectacular Empire – a future imagined as well as interview with the artist. 

The event will also feature performances by City (read our recent interview with the producer here), Gloria, /aart,  S4U, Kojey Radical, 808INK, Covco, Madam X and Gage. There will also be two other lectures by Novara Media co-founder Aaron Bastani and Rachel Rose O’Leary. 

Visit the FB event page for details.**

Progress Bar S03E02 from on Vimeo.

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“Smaller than its name suggested…” Holly White presents Orange World at Barcelona’s Cordova, Dec 1 – Jan 6

29 November 2017

Holly White presents solo exhibition Orange World at Barcelona’s Cordova gallery opening December 1 and running to January 6.

The press release leaves little to be revealed, but includes a piece of text that looks like a fragment from a larger narrative, “We could see the orange dome in the near distance, smaller than its name suggested…”

The London-based artist works across a number of platforms including video, performance, installation and sculpture. Collections and fragments of the personal cumulate, and explore the space of memory that re-imagines both past and present.

Visit the Cordova website for details.**



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In search of the perfect landscape: wandering voices in Lito Kattou’s Night Fight at Eleni Koroneou Gallery, Dec 1 – Jan 27

29 November 2017

Lito Kattou presents solo exhibition Night Fight at Athens’ Eleni Koroneou Gallery opening December 1 to January 27.

For her first solo show in the space, Kattou will present new works which “explore her fascination on the ontology of flatness and its potentiality to articulate volume, on different processes of embodiment and transfigurations of time and materials.” Gesture and materiality come together through metal ‘warriors’ made of aluminium, minerals, steel, textile and plastic.

The press release includes a text by the artist that muses on shady times, where bodies wander “in the pursuit of the perfect landscape” and the perpetual struggle of the concept of ‘perfect’ both sets us in motion and stasis.

Visit the Eleni Koroneou Gallery website for details.**

Lito Kattou, ‘Fighting with the Sun’ (2017). Performance view. Photo by Paul Maheke. Courtesy clearview ltd, London.
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Between reality + desired harmony: Maja Čule explores hunter-gathering in Mouth at Arcadia Missa, Dec 2 – Feb 17

29 November 2017

Maja Čule presents solo exhibition Mouth at London’s Arcadia Missa opening December 2 and running to February 17.

The New York-based Croatian artist will present a new video commission that focuses on “the performative and mediated aspects of hunter-gathering culture.” 

Using documentary and narrative film language, the press release describes the protagonists as accidental encounters, and the public spaces which become sets. Tapping into a space of distance that stretches between ‘reality and desired harmony’ is explored through nature that is played out through characters who want to “operate outside the traditional role of consumer.”

Visit the Arcadia Missa website for details.**

Maja Cule, ‘Mouth’ (2017) Film still. Courtesy the artist + Arcadia Missa, London.
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What do we turn to for meaning and solace? Looking at our own projections in Secular Icons in an Age of Moral Uncertainty at Parafin, Nov 30 – Feb 3

29 November 2017

The Secular Icons in an Age of Moral Uncertainty group exhibition at London’s Parafin opens November 30 and is running to February 3.

The show includes work that explores how we find ‘meaning or solace’ within certain objects and features Nathan Coley, Mimosa Echard, Simon Fujiwara, Sara Naim and Indrė Šerpytytė

Linked by indeterminacy, the multimedia installation looks at form and image-making and what is ultimately the driving force behind how we look, gaze and project meaning. The press release contextualizes  the works within “a time when the notion of belief is particularly fraught” and examines what it means to make work ‘now.’

Visit the Parafin website for details.**

Sara Naim, ‘Reaction #17’ (2017) Installation view. Courtesy the artist + The Third Line, Dubai.
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To be navigated by instinct: Les Urbaines Festival invites you to ‘let go’ + feel your way through, Dec 1 – 3

29 November 2017

Les Urbaines Festival opens at venues across Lausanne and Renens running December 1 to 3.

The three day event will be host to a large line-up of performances, visual installations, workshops, DJ sets and exhibitions “to be navigated by instinct.” The festival is placing emphasis on encounter, experimentation, feeling your way through and invites you to “let go.” The artists brought together are chosen for what lies at the core of their practice; empathy, accessibility and emancipation, where their “heartfelt approaches encourage us to sharp­en our gaze.”

Some exciting featured events include performances by Abyss X, Battle-ax, Geo Wyeth, Rui Ho, Rory Pilgrim, Jiji Sohn and Yung Soft among many more, as well as a number of workshops including a DJ Workshop for Womxn run by DJ Don’t Hate The Player & DJ Hate The Game and RESISTANCE IS FERTILE: NORM BUSTING PARENTING run by Del LaGrace Volcano.

Visit the Les Urbaines  website for details.**

Geo Wyeth. Courtey Les Urbaines, Lausanne.
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YGRG 151: Folding City event reading Hao Jingfang + featured performances at Tallinn’s Konstanet, Dec 2

28 November 2017

The Young Girl Reading Group 151: Folding City event at Tallinn’s Konstanet takes place on December 2.

Run by Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė, YGRG is a platform that brings together “a rhizomatic network of voices, suggestions and references” to explore shared “curiosity and synchronicity.” Event 151 Folding City will focus on the reading of Hao Jingfang’s Folding Beijing.

The evening will also host performances by Maria Metsalu, Pire Sova, Keiu Krikmann, Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė, feature costumes by  YGRG and Anne Karine Thorbjørnsen, sound by Brooklyn Bridge and end with a DJ set by Norman Orro.

Read our interview with online + IRL space Konstanet here.

Visit the FB event page for details.**

Maria Metsalu, ‘Mademoiselle X’ Performance view, with carpet by Merike Estna, 2017. Produced by Kanuti Gildi SAAL. Photo: Alan Proosa.
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Mission//Misplaced Memory explore deep histories of migration in Dreamed Native Ancestry (DNA) at Arts Catalyst, Nov 23

20 November 2017

Mission//Misplaced Memory present exhibition Dreamed Native Ancestry (DNAat London’s Arts Catalyst opening November 23 and running to January 27, 2018.

The exhibition is part of the gallery’s long term project Radical Ancestry exploring “deep histories of human migration and contemporary biopolitics of race” and takes the form of an interactive installation inspired by science fiction narratives of Afrofuturism.
The show will be accompanied by live performances and talks taking place on Saturday afternoons, featuring contributions by Barby Asante, Ayesha Hameed, Jacob V Joyce, Larry Achiampong and David Blandy to name a few. The events will be followed by live sound performances by Dubmorphology.
Visit the Arts Catalyst website for details.**



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‘Interdisciplinary gospel immortalist’ Tyler Matthew Oyer performing radical imagination at Shoot The Lobster, Nov 18

18 November 2017

Tyler Matthew Oyer is performing New York’s Shoot The Lobster on November 18.

The Los Angeles-based artist, writer, organizer and educator, described by Kembra Pfahler as an “interdisciplinary gospel immortalist,” works across mediums, including theatre, video, music, writing, activism and sculpture to name a few.

Their work is self-described as being “in dialogue with the diverse aesthetic cultural legacies of queer devastation and radical imagination” to unpick and critique power structures within the fabric of white supremacy, patriarchy and capitalism.

Visit the Shoot The Lobster website for details.**

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Fracture + precarity in the psychosphere for Merike Estna + Maria Metsalu’s Soft Scrub Hard Body Liquid Presence, Nov 17 – Jan 13

17 November 2017

Merike Estna and Maria Metsalu are presenting performance and joint exhibition Soft Scrub, Hard Body, Liquid Presence at New York’s Art in General, opening November 17 and running to January 13.

Curated by Tallinn’s CCAE director Maria Arusoo and happening as part of the PERFORMA 17 program, the show reflects on a perceived shift “taking place in the realm of our aesthetic and emotional sensibilities.” The two Estonian artists present textiles, rugs, and clothing; sculpture and video, pondering the “deep mutation in the psychosphere” resulting from an overconsumption of virtual space.

Focussing on the female perspective, Estna and Metsalu — the latter of whom is also a member of Young Boy Dancing Group —  attempt to address “this uncanny, post-accelerationist body in its new surroundings, questioning our state of turmoil, loneliness, and uncertainty surrounding the future.”

There will also be a specially-curated mini-bookshop by artist-founded, Tallinn-based publisher Lugemik, running as part of the exhibition during gallery hours and reflecting on the themes of the show.

See the Art in General website for details.**

#YoungBoyDancingGroup Euro Tour at London's #FestivalHyperlocal tonight.

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Alex Turgeon’s queer reading of domesticity in The Ouroboros in the Cul-de-Sac (Part 1) performance at Clearview, Nov 18

17 November 2017

Alex Turgeon is presenting The Ouroboros in the Cul-de-Sac (Part 1) at London’s clearview on November 18.

The performance is taking place after a one-week residency in the Tottenham space that explored the concept of facsimile “within a queer reading of domesticity in relation to capitalism and gentrification.”

Turgeon’s work often focuses on emotional states of expression and where they are housed and cultivated through ‘architecture, simulacra and mimetic rivalry,’ as well as how this relates to the management of our bodies through various structures.

Read a review of the artists Charon’s Obol performance in Berlin last year here

Visit the FB event page for details.**

Alex Turgeon, Charon’s Obol (2016). Performance view. Courtesy Center, Berlin.
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What You Saying? presents a night of domesticity + nostalgia in an evening of stories at ‘Home’ in London, Nov 16

16 November 2017

What You Saying? presents an evening of stories on the theme of ‘Home’ at London’s DIY Space on November 16. 

The second iteration, with tickets available here, will host a night of stories, prompting you to dig into your memory bank, bringing you back to specific places like, “Sun Maid raisins, doing homework on staircases, or the middle seat of the car.”

The line up is yet to be released, and the hosts are still collecting names for the open mic for anyone keen to get involved.

What You Saying? is a newly run platform seeking to connect anyone interested in storytelling, from “bizarre to bonkers, serious to significant.”

Visit the DIY Space website for details.**

Courtesy What You Saying?
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Towards fragility + softness: Anna Torkkel’s Present examines the essence of the here + now in Helsinki, Nov 16 – 18

16 November 2017

Anna Torkkel‘s Present performance is on at Helsinki’s Sorbus Gallery on November 16 and SIC Gallery on November 18.

As part of the Turku-based artist’s ongoing interest in presence and simplicity, the new show comes as part of the Baltic Circle Festival program and moves towards an idea of “the fragility and softness we are,” where the essence of life is in the here and now. 

Every showing of the piece happens in a different space, without the comfort of a constructed stage set, making each performance a unique, new and fleeting event. Produced by Ehkä-production and Torkkel, while featuring the artist along with Tashi Iwaoka, Mira Kautto, Johanna Porola, Piia Rinne, Riikka Thitz and Masi Tiitta, the event follows its premiere at Turku’s Titanik.

See the FB event page for details.**

Anna Torkkel, ‘Carlo For Ever’ (2005). Courtesy the artist.
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Pauline Batista + Madeleine Stack explore what falls between the cracks in Fatal Softness at Koppel Project, Nov 16 – Jan 6

14 November 2017

Pauline Batista and Madeleine Stack present two person exhibition Fatal Softness at London’s Koppel Project opening November 16 and running to January 6.

The show devotes its time and focus to excavation as it relates to self, freedom, patterns, mining, borders and “a shared language of opacity and incoherence” among other modes of travel as it relates to the body and flow.

Asking “who decides what information is filtered, which memories are stored and how the circulation of bodies and ideas flows,” the show will dig between the lines and cracks to find what falls between, and paying close attention to the relationship between technology and intimacy.

Visit the Koppel Project website for details.**



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In favour of visual pleasure: Something Must Break presents group show Assiette ou Virage et Dérapage in Milan, Nov 14

14 November 2017

Something Must Break presents the Assiette ou Virage et Dérapage group exhibition at Milan’s Via Giovanni Pontano 35 opening November 14. 

The show includes work by Monia Ben Hamouda, Vitaly Bezpalov, Alessandro Di Pietro, Jibril Esposito, 
Michele Gabriele, Dorota Gaweda & Egle Kulbokaite and Lucia Leuci with a contribution text by Natalya Serkova, and explores the idea of’ Minor Circumstance’ which lets “visual pleasure have the best on the imaginary / imaginative concept of the artwork.”

Something Must Break is based between Istanbul and Milan and is a research project by Monia Ben Hamouda and Michele Gabriele that investigates “Distances, Narratives and Feelings.”

Visit the FB event page for details.**



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Olga Fedorova’s psycho-political states of anxiety + sexiness in Generic Jungle at Annka Kultys, Nov 15 – Dec 16

13 November 2017

Olga Fedorova presents solo exhibition Generic Jungle at London’s Annka Kultys Gallery opening November 15 and running to December 16.

The exhibition of new ‘lenticular pictures’ by Russian artist Fedorova will be the first solo exhibition at the gallery. While trained in painting, her present work has shifted towards a multi-media approach that highlights “passionate, wild and strange women.” Her interest in composition, new technology, animals and digital media among others things come together to intersect and create situations out of dreamlike protagonist scenarios.

Using a “tongue-in-cheek symbolism and oblique political commentary,” Fedorova looks at psycho-political states of anxiety through the symbol of ‘sexiness’ and female sensuality.

Visit Annka Kultys website for details.**

Olga Fedorova ‘Generic Jungle’ (2017)
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