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Announcing even my dreams don’t go outside: An AQNB art & music compendium from our community, out Apr 22

13 April 2020

AQNB is releasing even my dreams don’t go outside, a download-only album of new music and visual works on April 22.

Compiled and curated by our team, the compendium features contributions from artists featured on the platform in the recent past, alongside those helping to define our scene into the future. It’s inspired by the endless scroll of introspection that has come to define this time in global crisis, while aiming to build positive momentum and financial support for the artists involved during lockdown.

Music contributions come from Dasychira, Elvin Brandhi, Fauness, Keru Not Ever, Rui Ho, ssaliva and others, as well as visual pieces by Tea Stražičić, Alexander Iezzi, Emma Pryde and more. See the lovely cover art by Jennifer Mehigan below.

More to come, watch this space.**

even my dreams don’t go outside (2020). Compendium cover artwork by Jennifer Mehigan. Courtesy AQNB, London.
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The multiple voices of Keru Not Ever’s ‘Zabriskie’ become a source of corruption within a new topology of the parasite

19 April 2019

Keru Not Ever (aka Justin Leduc-Frenette) is releasing album The Wind Of ? via Montreal/Mexico City’s Infinite Machine on April 26, with preview track ‘Zabriskie’ premiering via AQNB today. The Montreal-based composer, curator and writer released their debut LP Tereza with the label in 2017, where ambient noise met a beat-less post-club sound design.

The Wind Of ? (its acronym being TWO?) activates what the press release refers to as a ‘new topology’ of ‘the parasite’, which in this case appears to be myriad vocal arrangements applied to the corrupted compositional dissonance of tracks like ‘Équilibre de la terreur’ (‘Balance of Terror’ in English), ‘Xen’ and ‘Molloy (feat. Bianca Scott)’. ‘Zabriskie’ has its own take on this entwined anthropotechnological form in its searching orchestral lines that are tied in with several layers of glottal human vocals hovering over a sibilant atmospheric build up.**

Keru Not Ever’s The Wind Of ? album is out via Montreal/Mexico City’s Infinite Machine on April 26, 2019.

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