Elvin Brandhi

Elvin Brandhi contributes visceral shrieks to the pulsing distortion of Zoë Mc Pherson’s ‘LEARN UR LANGUAGE FASTER’

13 February 2020

Zoë Mc Pherson is releasing album States of Fugue via Berlin’s SFX on February 20, with preview track ‘LEARN UR LANGUAGE FASTER feat. Elvin Brandhi‘ premiering on AQNB today. The producer and label founder released debut LP String Figures in 2018, an audiovisual project drawing on “global and ancient” practices to produce a rhythmic, often vocal-based industrial noise.

States of Fugue follows a similarly cacophonous dance-focussed trajectory but with a stronger concentration on sonic depth and dissonance. The collaboration with Elvin Brandhi on ‘LEARN UR LANGUAGE FASTER’ is probably the hardest of the lot, with the Vienna-based producer and sound artist bringing her piercing, visceral voice reminiscent of Lydia Lunch to the pulsing, growling distortion of Mc Pherson’s minimal production.**

Zoë Mc Pherson’s States of Fugue album is out via Berlin’s SFX on February 20, 2020.

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