6pm Your Local Time: A document of the documentation‘Visualizing Intersectionality’ by Binghao WongA look back at Newman Festival<i>Deep screen</i> (2015) exhibition photos<i>Smoothie Conference</i> (2015) exhibition photosMartin Kohout: ‘Eyes’, p.2<i>Agatha</i> (2015) @ Center / Hilton documentation<i>Unthinkable</i> w J.G. Biberkopf July 10 mixA review of <i>Living in the Future</i>, Issue 3: ‘New Lands’USC MFA Class of 2015 launch petition<i>An Evening of Live Music</i> @ DRAF reviewedAnticipating <i>Asymmetric Grief</i>Donna Huanca, <i>Water Scars</i> (2015) exhibition photos<i>The Pure Tongue</i> @ Galeria Arsenał reviewedChez Deep: ‘Gloria’, p.2Sentinel, ‘.mimic’ (2015) video<i>«25.06–4.07.15/Exhibition-Information/MI-groundfloor-attic…</i> reviewedA review of “Mount Olympus”<i>Check XXe</i> (2015) @ After Howl exhibition photosLucia Leuci, <i>Rose’s portrait</i> (2015) exhibition photos

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  • 6pm Your Local Time, organised by Fabio Paris and Domenico Quaranta of LINK Center for the Arts of the Information Age in Brescia, Italy is a one-night event that brings together studio visits, exhibitions and conferences to be distributed through the #6pmeu hashtag on 6pmyourlocaltime.com, at 18:00 CET  on July 22.
    These events are mainly experienced through real-time online documentation,  expanding on the idea that the record of a work has shifted from being less a representational tool and more the primary experience. A specifically designed web application that aggregates and collects data with the #6pmeu hashtag presents a democratised presentation of work on the…

  • In their ongoing interest in “discovering new lexica for queer in contemporary art and media” Binghao Wong –writer and curator of Arcadia Missa‘s Asymmetric Grief exhibition, that ran July 17 to 25 –focusses in on the work of London based artist and composer Adam Saad:
    “it would seem that my doctor thinks of pain as an exception
    what a privilege it is to navigate the world like that
    as if pain is something you can pinpoint and eliminate
    not the only thing that reminds you that you have a body
    to begin with.

    we are not broken
    we are working the way we were told to
    do you understand?”
    – stanzas from ‘the bible belt’ courtesy Alok…

  • “Search and destroy becomes the much less culpable search, point and click”, says the New(Hu)man exhibition booklet, the visual art supplement to the Newman Festival (see photos top right), which is a three-day music and new media event, running in the Lithuanian spa town of Druskininkai from July 3 to 6.
    Rivers, lakes, hills, forests; the Baltic town at the centre of an historic tug-o-war between German, Polish, Russian empires and kingdoms has long been, and continues to be a coveted hotspot for its natural resources. It was once a summer getaway for Tsar Nicholas I, now it’s a health resort for the Baltic and Eastern European elderly….

  • “he screens that now people our lives.” The phrase, from the opening line of Deep Screen‘s press release, that ran at Parc Saint Léger from March 14 to 24, is telling; though McLuhan perfectly predicted the repercussions of this kind of technological shift on society, it does not cease to amaze. And while the ripple effects are vast and transformative to every aspect of ‘civilized’ life (this should always be in quotation marks), each particular industry is affected in its our peculiar way. The art world, for what its worth, has weathered the transformation in stride, taking its viewership and its platform from the stark white walls of museums…

  • Yesterday I watched an old video of Buzz Aldrin punching a conspiracy theorist in the face. You’d be pissed too, I guess, if you were the Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 11 and walked on the fucking moon only to be told it was all a dream.
    But there are worse things to dream of than the moon. There are worse things to base on exhibition on. “It’s fun to think about an exhibition of art on the moon”, is how Sam Korman‘s ‘Art on the Moon’, used as the only introduction to the Amy Granat- and Annina Herzer-organized exhibition Smoothie Conference (photos, top right), which was…

  • GoPros can be put anywhere, and seem to be everywhere. Like Hoover, Thermos and Sellotape before it, “GoPro” is fast becoming the generic term for all small action cameras. Their rise in popularity seems to indicate a desire to record all previously difficult-to-document experiences, and to share them with the world. “Be A HERO” (the slogan of GoPro Inc) tells us not only to buy a GoPro HERO, but to become the camera. With the right protection there’s nowhere the camera can’t film. With no viewfinder to distract us, we simply strap the camera on and document our experiences.
    Not just used for action shots,…