Billy Bultheel & Alexander Iezzi announce new alias & debut album with the disorderly & physically-dissociating video for ‘Fireworks’

, 9 September 2022

Billy Bultheel & Alexander Iezzi are announcing a new alias, 33, and debut album 33-69 via C.A.N.V.A.S on October 21, with the video for ‘Fireworks’ premiering today via AQNB. The duo’s debut album follows a series of collaborations over the past three years— spanning appearances at No Moon, PAF Olomouc, and the 2021 Athens Biennale— culminating into a defiant and often idiosyncratic approach to performance art and music composition. 

As 33, Bultheel and Iezzi turn towards the club on ‘Fireworks’, a frenetic and disorderly dance track accompanied by a video directed by Joseph Kadow of being dragged across an undisclosed forest. Data-moshed visuals augment the dizzied feeling of having your legs tugged by strangers, limbs dissociating into the opaque sky as the techno beat clamors onward. The video highlights the duo’s ability to divorce perception from innate reflexes and sensations – a point that certainly comes forward in Kadow’s final shots of bodies floating aimlessly underwater.**

33’s album 33-69 is out via C.A.N.V.A.S on October 21.